Blog 57

The Freshman Class of 1954 mid-termers

Pictured below are the freshman who arrived at Jeff in January, 1951. The yearbook lists us as the class of 1955; however, some of us finished in 1954, some in 1955, and a few were not heard from again. You will have to overlook the scribbling, but when we all signed yearbooks, many wrote right across their face.

Front row: Rose Marie Zatarain; Margaret Adams; Anna Sue ridings; Wendell Wong; Shirley Auer, Jack Stutts; Ben Villerreal

Second Row: Elizabeth White; Cecilia Abdo; David Fretz; Ray Kuhl; Anita Smith; Edmond Schleyer

Third row: Carolyn Hill; Leonard Chapman; Frances Folkes; Carol Hansen; Gordon Brown; Ben Ross

Front row: Antoinette Rizzo; Byron Fonarow; Adelaide Rodriguez; Leon Knight; Billy Vaughn; Jimmie Meek; Kay Haller; Gene Muenzler

Second row: Mary Dell Gill; Mary Ezell; Ida Garcia; Patricia Padgett; John Nieto; Jeanine Kliefoth

Third row: Barbara Ezell; ann Keller; Ruth Freedman; George Lowrey; James Harris; Arthur Morin

Fourth row: Warner Fassnidge; Joe Coreth; Carl Dienger; Charles Thias; Charlie Conaway; Richard Funk; Michael Stallings

These two photos are the last of the 1954 mid-termers, sophomores in the past two blogs and freshman In this blog.

What’s Next?

I have been disposing of a full file cabinet drawer of Jefferson stuff collected over the years while chairing the various reunions. I will present some of that, to include notable happenings in 1954, mostly compiled by Kay Matteson Gregory; some of the class notes sent in by you people; some Jefferson history; and some events in and around San Antonio over the past 50 years; and photos.

Too much skin!

How many times do we joke about our social calendar being filled with dates at our doctors? There is always that process of checking-in: weighing and blood pressure, oxygen, temperature, etc. I don’t mind the weighing in, because I know their scales lie, compared to mine at home, where I step on daily unclothed. But what really bothers me is when they measure my height. In my prime, I was five feet, nine and a half inches. Now, if I stretch as much as I can, they say, “five feet seven.”

I have become the incredible shrinking man! The other day I was looking in the mirror trying to get past what I think I look like and recognizing the real me. My thought was, I have too much skin. Maybe my height decreased by 2 ½ inches but the skin stayed with me! I can think of no other explanation for the skin that is hanging around.

I fell comforted by knowing that some of you recognize the same predicament.

Tune in next time.

4 thoughts on “Blog 57 TOO MUCH SKIN


    Hey Jack:

    Oh boo hoo, when I went into the army I was 5 ft. 11 and 3/4. Now I’m 5 ft 10 and 1/2. We’ve just worn down some. BTW, are we ever going out to look at the bricks?


  2. Jeanine Kliefoth Price

    Yep, we sure are changing. I seem to still be 5 foot 5 and a half inches but have increased in other areas. I wonder where my 18 inch waist went. I still have proof of it because I have the leather belt that Gene Muenzler made me. Time has been good to you though, you still look young. Keep the posts coming.

  3. Jack Davis

    Aren’t we all-becoming pygmies and the only thing left is shrunken heads.It is amazing they still work,sometimesCheers and thanks,Jack Davis

  4. Beverly Hime

    Shrinking is the saddest part of being an octogenarian. From 5’4 7/8” (stretching as hard as I could) to a current 5’1” makes me sad. I’m not fat, I’m just short! Actually my recent knee replacement made me 1/2” taller. However, if that’s all I have to complain about, I feel I am truly blessed!!


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