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Explanatory comment:   Text is more readable when it is visually appealing.  Unfortunately, a good bit of the layout gets lost when translated from what I attempt to what gets published, and I have only a vague idea of how the blog might look compared to what I had in mind.  What appears will be a surprise to all of us.
Bricks, first
Below are the bricks sponsored by our class members. In addition, we saw bricks honoring T. Guy, the Lassos, teacher Jean Longwith and librarian, Alice Lovelace, and various others. About 250 bricks are waiting to be put in place at the base of the flagpole, but the contractor has stipulated 300 are required at a time. If you have not thought of giving a brick in honor of yourself or someone else, it is for a good cause. I was ashamed to see a brick with my deceased brother’s name on it—ashamed because it was donated by a friend and not by me. I just did not think of it.
Here goes:







Who did what, but not to whom

One thing your committee, our class, and I never accomplished, although I thought about it from time to time, was to take a census of what people did for their career. Charlie Griffins started a list after our last reunion. He reviewed all the class notes at our disposal, compiled after various reunions.

One of our discoveries is that many of us had a career, a second career, in some cases, a third career, and an avocation that approached career status.

Sadly, we will never know what many of our classmates did for gainful employment, mostly because they are dead, lost, or because we never asked. What we do know, I will publish here over a couple of weeks.

My sense is that the most common vocation was in the field of education and business. We supplied a generous number of doctors and engineers but not so many lawyers. In fact, we ought to all be impressed by the educational accomplishments of our class, leading to professions and academia.

From our unscientific collection of information, here are the first few listings. If you see omissions, please add a comment.

Engineers is alphabetical, sort of:

Elliot Bilhartz    Harvey Clouser    Joe Coreth        Jay Crawford    Ed Davis         Mike Gill        Frank Hagan    Wayne Lybecker

Bill Solcher        Alex Trevino    Doug Campbell    Jerry Harris        Jaime Ornelas    Rock Mogas        Skipper Quick    Jerry Stephens

Jay Wiedenfeld

Whom did we miss?

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