The Mid-termer II

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Mid-termer II

Here is another photo from the 1951 Monticello of the sophomores arriving in January 1951. Some, like Pat Milam, finished in 1953. It is surprising that many of those who posted to graduate in 1954 have passed on.

Front row: Violet Allen, Patricia Mansell, Mary Lou Klessee, Donald Rooney, Margie Deorah, Florence Menard, James Orneles

Second row: Mary Ellen Domingues, Arlene Dolle, Patricia Milam, Millie Simpson, Mary Lou Briseno, William Gonzales, Alfonso Davila

Third row: Jerry Harris, Doris Gibson, Fritzie Connolly, Bennie Cantu, George Houston, Lucille Lopez.

The Memory Bricks: The first batch of memory bricks have been laid around the flagpole at the main entrance, reports Bob Blake. He and I will go out one day soon and take a few photos. If any of you bought a brick with your name and want a photo, email me and we will look for it and snap a pic. If there was any inscription rather than your name, be sure to tell me.

The Graduate

Rich Kaufman recently earned a degree at age 79. Reports are that he was diligent enough to be inducted into Phi Theta Kappa, the national honor society for community colleges. Congratulations once again, Rich. From the photo on the left, it appears that graduation in California is a lot more casual than Texas.

Expatriate Dan Winder

Dan is our man in Australia. From Jeff to the University of Florida to the Army was Dan’s path. Then he met and married an Australian and immigrated. Dan took Australian citizenship in 1977. He worked for Qantas and later Chase Manhatten Bank until retirement. Dan says Australia is a great place, which Penny and I can confirm from our three-year stint there from 1968-1971.

Dan’s twin sister Elna (Eleanor) lives in Florida




Lost phrases

To close out, why don’t any of you intrepid readers post sayings or words that you remember from the distant past but are rarely heard anymore? I will start off with a couple:

  1. “Always wear clean underwear, in case you end up in the hospital.” Nowadays, maybe we should just say “Please wear underwear” since a lot of people apparently do not.
  2. “He robbed the cradle.” This popped into my mind recently when thinking about a spouse of one of our classmates.

Post your input.

2 thoughts on “The Mid-termer II

  1. Jeanine Kliefoth Price

    :”If you say that, I’ll wash your mouth out with soap.” I don’t think any teenagers ever hear this. Love your posts!!!!!


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