Blog 136 On Tap Today

Blog 136 On Tap Today

Which classmate was an altar boy?

Thespian Island redux

Who is cornstalke and where is wolfpainter?

More classmate greetings

Which Classmate was an altar boy?
This tidbit came up in a conversation with one of our classmates, male obviously. It is someone I would not have guess, even given a multiple choice with two names. The answer may surprise you. I will reveal it somewhere near the end of this blog, just to keep your attention.


Thespian Island redux
Do any of you recall the class email and blog comments about Thespian Island? This is that little triangular-shaped island across the walk up to the front-door entrance to school. It was non-descript during our day, and my best memory of it is where bus riders were let out in the morning and picked up after school. The blog and email offered a short video on its renovation.

The renovation is now completed and was featured in a recent newscast. Thanks to the Jeff historian, David Segura, who forwarded the reference to the news spot. If you wish to view the revitalized Thespian Island, click on this website:

Who is cornstalker23 and where is wolfpainter?
Whenever I send out an email blast to the class, one or two emails bounce back as undeliverable. Several times now, pops up as undeliverable. It belongs to Beverly Wolf Russell. Cornstalker was part of an email attached to Munson Fuller
(segue to the next section, coming up). It is incorrect, so if anyone knows of a classmate with cornstalker as part of the email address, please let me know.

Speaking of Munson, I called and had a totally excellent chat with him. Munson is a still practicing ENT doctor in Tulsa. I asked why he chose Tulsa for his practice and learned that his family was Oklahoma bred, but that a war job brought them here during WWII. The family roots beckoned them back to Tulsa, almost the day after our graduation. Munson went to college and dental school in Oklahoma. With the incorrect email address from him, Munson had not heard from our class in quite a long time. If anyone wishes to contact him, give me a shout for contact information.

A bit before that, I had a good conversation with David Bamberg. Like Munson, David moved after graduation to Birmingham, went to Samford U there and married a Birmingham girl, Rose. Penny and I used to lunch with them when we visited our son and family in Birmingham. David is well, though he was recently knocked of a loading dock by an inattentive driver. Fortunately, David has healed without lasting injuries.

More classmate greetings—Last blog included a bunch of classmate greetings in response to one of my emails. Here are the remainder,

Bill Crocker
Still unpacking boxes and getting squared away in our new house.  When you drive north through Marble Falls, the biggest intersection is with FM 1431 which goes northwest to Granite Shoals and Kingsland.  We are just off that road just before you get to Kingsland, on Lake LBJ. 

Gerry Gabehart
I r here. Fat and sassy. Looking forward to joining everyone

Jimmy Worley
(sent by Cheryl Worley) Just a quick reply to let you know that Jim is doing well.  He had a mild stroke on Christmas Day 2018 that didn’t cause any physical paralysis, but affected the communication center of the brain, so he deals with Aphasia.  He can talk but sometimes words are scrambled.  He has been busy in the garden.  He always has a big beautiful garden and loves doing that!  Here you can see a couple of photos.  With all the rain we have had we are sure to have a great bounty of vegetables!

Toni Hair Ritter
I live with my daughter Georgia and family in Lantana, TX.  My other children John, Laura and Cash are all nearby.

Carolyn Pope Boitnoit
We are still at our same address but may be moving in a year or so to a retirement community.  Our four story three/four-bedroom house is more than we need and getting harder to keep up with.  We still can make it up the stairs and are well for our age. Will let you know when/if we move.  

Ron Bridges
Count us in-been too long since last party.

Peggy Page Murry
Look forward to hearing all news  Thanks

Ben Williams
I don’t think I am dead yet. Still having fun.

Chuck Slagle
Still kicking. Hopefully, will see you in Sept.

Gilda Ackermann Gunz
Forgive me for not letting you know that I thoroughly enjoy reading your messages. Please keep them coming.  We followed the kids to East TX after 45 years in the same house in Corpus Christi. Life was good there, but I never enjoyed the wind and humidity. The best part of going to the beach was coming home to the shower. Today I would rather live right where I am in Tyler than anywhere else in the world.

When I lost all my hair to chemotherapy, the oncologist prescribed a “cranial prosthesis – diagnosis:  alopecia of chemotherapy.” In case you find that an unusual prescription, it is commonly called a wig. To my surprise, insurance covered the cost. I’ve enjoyed saying I didn’t wear a wig, but a cranial prosthesis.

Mike Esparza
I’m still here and have some news. I stopped driving, mostly for my own health, and my oldest daughter and her husband are in the process of selling my 17-year old Acura TL. That’s all this time.

Johnny Coyle
Good to hear from u, Jack!  September 9th is on our calendar— looking forward t it😊.

Also checking in: Rudy Alvarez, Patsy Hatch Patterson, Mike Gill, Bob Blake, Bobby Hunt, and Warner Fassnidge

Who was an altar boy? Have you guessed? He was Danny Sciaraffia! He was not the only one, however. Both Edward Davis
and George Pierce
were also, assisting at St. Mark’s. I don’t recall about Dan.

See you next time. Thanks for reading.


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  1. William A Robinson

    It’s Bill Robinson: Just checking to see how things are going. Had my big 85 Birthday last week, and staying healthy. Still a lot to look forward to.


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