Blog 137 Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends

  • Flashback
  • New People Finder
  • Lost and Found Classmates
  • Found and Lost Classmates
  • More classmates check in

After passing from a drive-thru and before powering up the heavily tinted window, a very bright sun hit me on the left side of my face. I was also hit with a flashback. Who recalls driving around all summer with our left arm a lot tanner than the right arm? Remember those days when we relied on open windows and wind rushing in to cool us a bit? We drove with our left arm resting on the window and got first a burn and then a tan as the days heated up.

Air-conditioning relegate those days to distant memory. It also recalls a time in the late 60’s when visiting San Antonio. My wife wondered why everyone was driving around with the windows rolled up in ninety-plus degrees weather. Hailing from the Midwest, she was not attuned to cars with air conditioning.

New people finder.
Quite by accident, I came across a new people directory on the Internet that is actually free and simple to use. In the not-so-long ago past, there were a number of these data bases that were free but now for a fee will provide everything about a person but their underwear size. Cheap as I am and lacking prurient interest in divorces and jail sentences, I eschew the pay-to-locate a person. This new data base for your interest is Another is which was formerly quite good but now offers more for pay than for free.

Lost and Found Classmates.
With the above data base, I found apparent matches for thirty-eight classmates from our lost list of eighty. It will take some time to verify, once I get a goose to start. Those found are male or female with a married name in our database. These people include Ann Adams, Shirley Auer, Arnold Barnett, Charles Cress, Bonnie Hirsch, Mabel Jew, Burt Klayman, Manuel Spector, and Bob Stoltz, among others. More names next time.

Found and Lost Classmates.
Two more were found from the database and listed as deceased. These would be Beverly Wolf
and Barbara Ziegler. I found obituaries, which will be included after comments from classmates.

More classmates check in. Here are comments from friends and acquaintances who wrote after the recent class blast email.

Marilynn Black Warren:
my news is getting more and more boring…I live here in Fairview Tx by Dallas in an Adult Community…….my house is what they call “A Villa” here in Heritage Ranch which is the name of this area.  It is a very active community with all houses …no apartments…….I sing with the Chorale Group here, Play Bridge three times a month, play Bocce Ball, Bowl with the league from here, and take care of my critter (a darling little Guinea Pig named Bernie).  No more dogs for me as I can’t go through losing another one… is just too traumatic and awful!!!  Little Bernie is supposed to live 8 or 10 years and he is 4 now!!!   I also play Mahjong with a group every Thurs Evening and my family gets together for “Game Night” quite often!!!  My step Granddaughter lives here with two of my Great granddaughters and my youngest son lives here also….my other oldest son has a ranch down close to Yorktown and raises exotic animals as well as longhorns and Black Angus cattle.  I am well and still love to cook so I’m very hearty looking these days too!!!  Take care dear one and keep these notices coming cause I LOVE hearing from you!!!!  Blessings Always, Marilynn B. (Marilynn sent along a pic of her guinea pig, not included here.)

Pete Sweet: I had Sept 9th marked on the calendar and we were excited to be able to see everyone again, but now we won’t be in Texas that week. Our son in Tennessee has invited us to Nashville to celebrate Carolyn’s birthday.  Please give my regards to everyone and let me know when the next luncheon has been scheduled.

Barney Cline:
Nancy and I enjoy good health, vaccine protection, and the pleasures of rural life near Blanco, Texas.  Grandkids are in nearby Dripping Springs, but daily our ranch family (five Longhorns, three donkeys and a big white dog) remind us how fortunate we are.

Anxious to resume travels abroad, we are eying Santorini and Crete in the Fall.

Robert Huff:
Thanks for the link. We drove by Jefferson last week and noticed the fountain.

Dorothy Darrah aka Dot Putnam:
I just read thru all your blogs in one sitting! Interesting info I must say😊. I wish I could be there for the luncheon in Sept. but living in Colorado makes that a long drive! I am well and still fairly active for almost 85. I have lived with my daughter and 21 yr old granddaughter whose still in college for the last 3-4 yrs and it keeps life active and moving along. Plus we have 3 dogs and a cat. Fortunately we also have 3 floors of living space and a good size yard! I for one really appreciated the Jan 6 blog. Expressed my feelings perfectly. Am hoping for better things in 2021.

Dorothy and granddaughter

Margaret Reming Metcalfe:
Just to let you know I am still around, though not getting around as lively as I used to. I live by myself in Austin, and enjoy it. Two of my children are nearby–one in Austin and one in Dripping Springs. The third is in Maryland. I retired 18 years ago after 16 years of working for the United States Government. Before that, I worked for the State of Texas for several years. Anyway, I am thankful that I am fairly healthy and able to get  around on my  own.

Marcia Dickinson Hudson:
I am spending 3 days at the Oregon beach to escape the 116 degrees in Salem. In all my years in Texas. I never had 116 degrees. And no airconditioning here. Its lovely and cool at the beach. Hope you have a wonderful luncheon.  Best to all. (Note: I asked Marcia how she ended up in Oregon.) She replied: After traveling all over with Air Force for 20 years, we moved to Oregon near my husband’s parents to start a new life in the wine business. Bought 40 acres, planted grapes, and opened a vineyard and winery.  Unfortunately, my ex-husband drank too much of his own product and I finally said “enough” and got a divorce. Went to college, and worked for the State of Or for 21 years and then retired in a place I love. Cool and green and covered in trees.  Say “hi” to all for me. Think of Jeff times often.

Mike Esparza:
I’m still in good health BUT I may have told you I have a hearing problem. There are many causes but I tell people most of the damage was done while I was stationed in Tucson which invited the Air Force Thunderbirds to perform there every spring.

The latest development is that the hearing aid for my right ear no longer works. I forget when I bought it and I have an appointment at the hearing clinic in two weeks. When I speak to people I turn my left ear toward the speaker.

I also forget the names of friends, movies, street intersections here in Aurora, CO for a few minutes or a few days. I have a few good features: I stopped smoking after my first daughter was born, quit smoking a few years later, don’t have diabetes and still weigh 165 pounds.

To the sad part.

Barbara Ziegler Mercer

July 18, 1936 – June 18, 2020



Barbara Ziegler Mercer, age 83, passed away on Thursday, June 18, 2020 in San Antonio, Texas. Barbara was born July 18, 1936 in San Antonio, Texas to Ida Lynn Caywood and William Ziegler. Barbara was preceded in death by her parents; grandson, Dallas Barlow; and brother-in-law, Jack Bessellieu. She is survived by her husband of 63 ½ years, Gary W. Mercer; sons, Robert and Randall Mercer; daughter, Lori O’Dea (Paul); grandchildren, Brandon Barlow (Jovette), Amanda Sime (David), Mathew and Michael Mercer; 7 great-grandchildren; older sister, Billie Lynn Bessellieu; younger brother, Fred Ziegler (Susan); and numerous nieces, nephews, and extended family members.

Beverly Grace Wolf Russell

August 2, 1936 – January 15, 2018


Beverly Grace Wolf Russell passed away January 15 at the Brookdale Alamo Heights Assisted Living facility after a brief illness.
Beverly was a long-time resident of San Antonio and a former school teacher, where she retired from Teddy Roosevelt High School. She is survived by her son, Chuck and Eileen Russell of Waco; daughter, Candace Sue and John Boothby of Newnan, Georgia; and sister, Margaret Bates of San Antonio. Her parents, Henry and Clara Wolf have been deceased for some years.
She is also survived by nieces Sarah and Pete Jackson, Cindy and Don Cutrer, and nephew Bill and Lisa Sims; friends Gene and Margaret Russell; grandchildren Tori Russell, and Noah and Kristen Russell, and great grandson Weston Russell.
Beverly loved the Lord. She grew up in First Baptist Church San Antonio and then served the Lord most of her adult life as a pastor’s wife. In her later years, she was an active member of First Baptist Church Universal City. She was a 1954 graduate of Thomas Jefferson High School in San Antonio and a 1957 graduate of Baylor University, which she supported with pride throughout her life. Next to serving the Lord, Beverly’s passion in life was family and friends.


Sophomore Scholastic


“A” Band (Historian)

Math Club









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