Blog 130 I Am Sick, I Am Ashamed, I Am Embarrassed, I Am Angry

Blog 130
I Am Sick, I Am Ashamed, I Am Embarrassed, I Am Angry

Let’s all shed a tear for what is happening in Washington, D.C. right now!

This is a vent. If you are a misguided supporter of our disgraceful president, you may not want to read further, but I need to get this off my chest. Some of you are strong reporters of political party and Trump over all else, including the constitution and a functioning of this country for over two hundred years. For you, I am sorry, because you should know better. You come from a generation that studied in civics and government why our country has succeeded and you should know better than to support insurrection.

What has Trump wrought? Several hours ago I turned on the TV to watch Congress tally the electoral vote after a stupid attempt by misguided senators and representatives to try to halt the democratic process. Thanks to our deranged soon-to-be ex-President, he urged ill-informed protestors to march on the capitol. They have surged to and broken into the capitol building, forcing our Congressman to take cover.

This is an act of sedition, of terrorism. It is disgraceful, it is embarrassing to us as a country to have a show of ignorant people storm the capitol because they believe all the false misinformation circulated on social media by Russia and encouraged by the president.

Trump is engaged in a coup to try and overthrow our democratic process by encouraging protestors to pursue his refusal to gracefully admit that he did not win the election. It is insurrection. And Trump is sitting in the oval office watching it all on television. This is no longer a protest. It is a mob doing violence. As a commentator just said, those breaking windows to enter the capitol are too stupid to know that there are surveillance cameras all over and they will be arrested and thrown in jail.

If we can take any solace at all, Trump will be regarded in time with the same respect as former presidents Franklin Pierce and Millard Fillmore. They were the worst up till now. It is a pity that Trump was not impeached last year.

Send a rebuttal if you wish. In the meantime, I will see if there is a movement to recall Senator Cruz. He, the Texas attorney general Paxton, and Louie Gohmert have all embarrassed our great state and made us a laughing stock across the country.

The national guard of VA and MD are arriving on the scene. VP Pence and Pres Elect Biden have both spoken. We can only hope that this disgraceful act of terrorism ends soon and without too much more bloodshed. Yes, someone was shot.

2 thoughts on “Blog 130 I Am Sick, I Am Ashamed, I Am Embarrassed, I Am Angry

  1. Priscilla Tate

    I agree with every word. We now look like a third world country. Thank goodness we now have the Senate and MIGHT begin to repair some of the damage.

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