Blog 100 Remembering Doug Campbell

Remembering Doug Campbell

Douglas Lee Campbell

MARCH 1, 1936 – AUGUST 20, 2019

Notice came today that Doug and Nola Campbell have died within a week of each other. Doug passed away on August 20th and Nola on August 26th. This information was passed along to me by Fritzi Connolly. Doug’s daughter texted some detail to Fritzi.

I don’t believe there is a formal obituary, at least at this time. Condolences to the family may be posted at

Quoting from the daughter’s text message that Fritzi passed to me:

“With a broken heart💔, I need to share that on 8/20, my Daddy went to Heaven suddenly while visiting my sweet Momma in the hospital. She was the patient, he was the guest. My dear beloved Momma gained her angel wings today, 8/26, and joined Daddy in Heaven. This has been the saddest week in my whole life. My Parents celebrated 64 years of marriage on 8/13. They lived a committed, loving marriage with many more happy times than hard or sad times. They walked with each other in faith with so much grace. I can’t imagine days without my Parents. God knew if he needed one they were a package deal. He took Daddy instantly and had him waiting for the love of his life at the pearly gates so they could enter their eternity together, as Forever Loves.”

I had a good phone chat with Fritzi this morning. Fritzi said that Nola had been in ill health for the past several years. We both agreed that passing as quickly as Doug did is better than a long and lingering death. For those who do not remember, Doug was one of the cheerleaders

On a brighter side, Fritzi and Byrne are getting along well. Fritzi still manages 400 acres and 100 cows, so he has plenty to keep him busy and occupied. Other travel plans will keep them away from the lunch on September 26th.

Happier news next time, I do hope!

2 thoughts on “Blog 100 Remembering Doug Campbell

  1. Patsy Patterson

    Wow!  That’s the way to go.  Hope to see you on the 26th unless Tom schedules the moving van to come instead.  We are about to pull up stakes as soon as we see all the doctors and attend all the parties.  Our new address is 11238 S, Kingston Ave. . Tulsa, OK 74137.  WSe will keep the same email address.  PP

  2. jeffclassof54 Post author

    Well, if Tom schedules the moving van that day, we will know who is head of the household. And I always thought you were in the driver’s seat. If the movers come, go out to the road and stick your thumb out. Thanks for the address update.


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