Blog 72 The older we get


The older we get,

Earlier today, I read a statement that “The older we get, the more we can’t believe how old we are!” Amen. It made me think of you all, my “old” classmates. Over the past few months, several have said (and you know who you are), “Can you believe we are 80?” then there is the line from the song in the musical, Chicago, “I never thought I would be this old.”

Those thoughts were followed by others about the joys of being older. We can sleep late, eat when and what we want if we don’t worry about staying healthy. Here are some thoughts to ponder.

I love being over 60.  I learn something new every day . . . and forget 5 others.

Senility has been a smooth transition.

I don’t mean to brag, but, I finished my 14-day diet food in 3 hours and 20 minutes.

I may not be that funny or athletic or good looking or smart or talented . . . I forgot where I was going with this . . .

David Chester

I heard from David recently and asked him to update us on the last 60 plus years. Here is David’s version of This Is Your Life in eight brief lines.

Graduated from The University of Texas in 1960 with a BS in Petroleum

Work History:

1960-2 Texas Railroad Commission

1962-82 Pet. Engr. with the IRS

1982-84 Petroleum Loan Officer with Texas Commerce Bank

1984-1994 Petr. Engr. with the IRS and the Regional Counsel and Justice Dept.


Hobbies: Travel, Reading, Golf, Bridge, Genealogy, and Research for investing.

Married still and have 3 boys, all attending the The University of Texas

Very nice, David. Thanks for the update. Anyone else want to send along your resume?

Speaking of which…

Who remembers This Is Your Life, the that old, maudlin program on TV? That was in the day when television was still new enough that we all sat around and watched whatever was on. We started around 4:30 or 5 PM and watched the test pattern prior to the station signing on to broadcast.

We watched fifteen minute programs with Dinah Shore and Liberace and the news cast, among other things. These programs were not nearly as exciting as the radio serials, like Sky King, Terry and the Pirates, or Jack Armstrong, All American Boy. Those radio programs required imagination to visualize what was going on. All that television required was to sit and stare.

No photos today.

Sorry, but I cannot find them in my photo files, and I need to search for them. Next time…



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