Blog 73 300 Years and Rolling On

300 Years and Rolling On

How many of you know that next year, 2018, San Antonio will celebrate its 200th birthday? Yep, 1518—1718. That don’t make 80 sound so old, do it? The celebration starts on January 1 at 12:01 AM and lasts for the next twelve months. As part of the yearlong observance, the local newspaper has been running a full page each day connoting some aspect of those years. On June15, there was an observance of the opening of the Alamo Heights Swimming Pool in 1949. The pool was built at a cost of $185,000 to hold the 1949 Women’s AAU swim meet.

Wasn’t the Heights Pool a great place to spend a summer afternoon? It is still in existence today and still popular. The two tall platform diving boards are gone, but much else remains in place. If anyone has especially good memories (or bad), send them along for others to read.

Ruth Freedman

Thanks to Joyce Skolnick Meyer for passing along news of the death of Ruth Freedman. Ruth came to Jeff in as a mid-termer in January 1951, along with about sixty others of us. I am not certain whether Ruth went to summerschool on summer and finished with the rest of us in 1954, if she left in January of 1955 or waited to finish in June 1955. I last recall chatting with Ruth fifteen or so years ago when chasing down lost classmates. She was living in Virginia and running a family business after being widowed. Here is the obituary for Ruth.

Ruth F. Spector, on Tuesday, March 10, 2009 of Fairfax, VA.

Beloved wife of the late Joseph Spector; mother of Marilyn E. Morrison and her husband, John CMDR USN Ret. and Larry B. Spector and his wife, Teresa Gardner; sister of Merle Polunski, Robert Freedman and the late I.E. and Lester Freedman; grandmother of Heather, Leah, James, Jacob and Austin.

Graveside service will be held at Agudas Achim Memorial Gardens, 1727 Austin Highway, San Antonio, TX on Sunday, March 15 at 12 Noon. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to The Humane Society of Fairfax County, 4057 Chain Bridge Rd., Fairfax VA 22030 or Temple B’Nai Shalom. Arrangements by Jefferson Funeral Chapel Alexandria, Virginia, 703-971-7400

San Antonio Express-News (TX) – Friday, March 13, 2009

Manuel Spector

Seeing Ruth Freedman’s married name reminded me of Manuel Spector. I wonder where he is today. Does anyone know? He had called me some years back and was living in the Boston area at the time. But after he found us, he fell through the cracks again.



William (Willie) Gonzalez

Similarly, Willie Gonzalez is another who has fallen through the cracks. Willie came to Jeff in January 1951 as part of the midterm sophomore class coming from Mark Twain and Hawthorne. Willie appeared in 1953 the Monticello as the class of 1954 section. He does not appear in the ’54 Monticello, so he either left before in January 1954 or ??? Does anyone know for certain?

I was told once that Willie became a doctor and was somehow associated with Texas Tech in Lubbock, but I was never able to track that one down.


In looking at the earlier yearbooks, I noticed that seniors got big pictures, juniors were small, while Sophomores and Freshmen were thumbnail size.


That was a common greeting of farewell when we lived in Australia. It always tickled me when manly men would say “Tata.” I think this wraps it up for today. Thanks for reading.

Let me leave you with this thought:

Did you ever look back and think of the people you dated in high school or wanted to date? Then you see them on Facebook and think, “Whew! I dodged the bullet THAT ONE!


3 thoughts on “Blog 73 300 Years and Rolling On

  1. Jeanine

    How ironic, I have been thinking about Ruth lately. I used to live on Woodlawn and would walk to Ruth’s house, then she and I would walk to Carol Hansen’s house and then walk to Jefferson. I would walk home with Maxine, drop her off and venture home. We walked in all kinds of weather with no water bottles. Ruth was such a sweetie and we had lots of good times. She was Jewish, but almost every time she stayed for supper at my house we were having ham. I think she graduated in January. Manny was her brother-in-law and I think he became a doctor. There was a Gary Brown in our class that was Ruth’s nephew, She never said much about him though Thank you so very much for keeping us up to date.


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