Blog 5 February 13, 2014

Driving this blog has a learning curve, and I think the curve is going up. I just discovered that the last “post” was still listed in the draft stage and had not been posted. Now it has.

Dan Scraiffa just called and gave me a first-hand account of the “tobacco splat meets windowpane” event. He was there and one of the perpetrators. I have urged him to write his own account, so watch for it here as a comment. We also reminisced about the “jumping out the window event” in Miss Murray’s class, and he has close-up knowledge of that one as well. Let’s hear from you, Dan.

I also heard from the Byrds, who will be here. Larry and Fritzi Connally are thinking a golf outing. If any of you golfers have interest, give Larry a buzz at .




Who remembers Life Magazine? Here is a cover from March 7, 1934—before our time, but the Lassos made the cover of Life back then.

Meanwhile, in 1954, minimum wage was $.75 per hour, gas was $.22 per gallon, the Dow Jones average was all the way up to 342.13. And the Boeing 707 made its debut. That was also the year that Joe DiMaggio married Marilyn Monroe. What a year!

We will relive all these memories and more at our 60th class reunion.

More Lost Class mates:

Here are some more names of our 60 lost classmates. If you know of the whereabouts of any, please email Some probably have addresses in a cemetery somewhere, so if you know about that, send it in as well. You may notice that there are far more female than male names, to be expected since men do not change names (as a rule) when marrying. Where a married name is know, it is shown in brackets.

Gerry Mercer   Gail McElroy (Newberry)   Deloris Pesek (Pobllits)

Ann Moody   Pat McEnroy   Joyce Reichert (Chism)

Jeanne Moore   Claire Moreau   Linda Riley

William Lillis   Shirley Osha (Shaw)   Lawrence Sanders

Lucille Lopez   Nancy Partin   John Shaw

Ina Raye McDowell Helen Paul Joseph Siegel

The Reunion

Returning to the scene of the crime: If you attended our 30th reunion, you may remember the Plaza Club venue (21st floor of the Frost Bank Tower). Early in the evening at an appointed time, all classmates present trooped down to ground level and across the street to a vacant lot. There the Goldbeck studios had set up stands and we climbed aboard and posed for a panoramic photo. When we trooped back up to the 21st floor, catastrophe had occurred. This reunion was billed as a cocktail buffet, which meant eat something before arriving at the party, where a variety of hors d’ouevres would be served. What we found is that our spouses had swarmed across the buffet like hordes of locusts and stripped the plates clean. Some of us went hungry that night.

Well, it has taken 30 years to dare to go back. This time, we will find a full buffet that sounds fantastic. More details on this later.

Thanks to all who are reading this and to those who are commenting. Feedback is good, so far.

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