Blog 6 February, 14, 2014

And a Happy Valentine’s day to all.

First a correction:  Yesterday, I mentioned that if you want to play golf, contact Larry Byrd with the email address.  Word came back that they want to play, not organize. So don’t contact Larry. Larry (actually Larry’s wife/scribe) said someone here in San Antonio may be organizing.  If I find out who is doing that, I will broadcast the info.

Memory time—Teachers are human too.

Mrs. Davis—the chemistry teacher,  remember her? If you were ever in her class, you probably will remember her forever. Here is a recollection from outside the classroom. One day, during class, I was walking on the outside, covered arcade or gallery on the east side of the auditorium. Just outside the doors into the long hallway that goes down to the cafeteria, the cement flor of the arcade was about 18 inches above ground level.

Now I cannot tell you why I was walking down that corridor and not in class, but there I found Mrs. Davis. She was sitting on the cement with legs and feet on the ground. Now if you have ever sat 18 inches off the ground, you know that your knees are raised to about chin level. And there sat Mrs. Davis, knees high and legs spread out like a man’s (no knees together here) having a smoke. She was speechless and visibly embarrassed to be found in that position. Thinking of nothing better to do, I said “Hello, Mrs. Davis,” and continued on.

Reunion time: Let’s talk a bit more about the hospitality room in the hotel. A group from the committee is going down next week to see it and make plans for our reunion. It is a large room that has its own door out to the river walk. Just outside the room is a covered terrace. If the weather is nice, we can take chairs out there to chat and watch the barges pass by. Kay (Matteson) Gregory will display memorabilia in that room and Sue (Elo) Settles is planning a variety of munchies. Our intent is to have a classmate in the room whenever it is open so that we will not have to lock it up during the day. Patsy (Hatch) Patterson is working on a schedule. If you wish to take the post of host/hostess for a bit, please contact Patsy at Hours for the room will be posted later.

Here are photos we might call “Cruisin’ on the River”—the San Antonio river, taken by Patsy Hatch from a river barge at our last reunion in 2011.

IMG_8358  Arneson River stabe,across river from seats

Not far from our hotel                                             Arneson River Theater


Art under the bridge


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