Blog 4 February 12, 2014


Thanks to all who have made a comments. Jay Weidenfeld and Jeanine Price both spoke of teachers we were privileged to study under.  Any and all are urged to comment on the teacher you best remember or the one who meant the most to you. And if you cannot narrow down to one, more is good.

In that vein, I mention both Senoritas Perez and Wright, not so much because of the Spanish skills I acquired but mostly because I learned a tremendous amount about the English language, especially about tenses. I would also need to add Mattie Sharp Brewer in English. If she is looking down on us, then I must rephrase the paragraph highlighted above to read teachers under whom we were privileged to study.

Grammar aside, let’s hear it for those memorable teachers.

The Reunion:  Now, to talk briefly about our hotel. Do you remember the old Alamo National Bank? It sits on the southwest corner of St Marys and Commerce Streets. The Aztec theater is exactly cater-cornered across the street.  Potchernick’s Sports Store (now gone) was a half-block north on St Marys.   Our hotel lobby was the original bank lobby, with registration taking place at the old teller booths. A mezzanine surrounds the lobby with chairs and tables to sit and visit. We go down to basement level to our hospitality room. Along the way, we see the old bank vaults open with displays of memorabilia. Our gathering room actually opens right onto the riverwalk. The epicenter of riverwalk activity is a block or so away, and the river barge stops right at the hotel.

Where are they now?

We have approximately 60 classmates on our lost list. A few will be listed each time. Some may be deceased. Does anyone know the whereabouts for:

Nancy Grauer: Nancy left Jeff for UT as a drama major (what else?). As a freshman at UT, she was cast in a starring role in a Drama Department production. While at UT, she married a fellow drama major named James McLarty or McClarty. They graduated and left for NYC and the Broadway stage. A check with UT Ex-student Association ended with no valid address on file.

Edward L. Moses, Jr: We think Eddie is somewhere in the Houston area but have not been able to pin down a valid address.

John Gilbert Jones: Possibly somewhere in New Mexico

No Information:

Joan Ivanoff                   Patricia Fry                     Jane Stanley Isherwood

Janice Baldwin            Robert Lacey                 Nancy Cummings

David Newhouse        Nancy Robinson            Claire Moreau

More names will be posted in the next blog.  If you know whereabouts of any of these, please email info to

These photos were taken by Victor Weiss, our physics teacher.

scan0004                       scan0020        scan0019

2 thoughts on “Blog 4 February 12, 2014

  1. connied36

    Thanks so much. I’ve been trying to remember Miss Brewer’s name for two days! She was fantastic. And how can you mention Spanish and leave out Miss Arstein? Maybe she wasn’t charming, but she was a good teacher! Now…. what’s the name of the woman who taught chemistry on the third floor? She was outstanding and at least indirectly responsible for steering me toward a science major in college when girls were scarce in those fields.

  2. Jeanine Kliefoth Price

    Teachers….wouldn’t it be wonderful if the kids of today had teachers like ours and if the teachers of today had students like us !!!!!
    Mrs. Mac taught me not to say “uh, idear and firgit”. Miss Perez, like Jack said, taught me verb tenses and to transpose words and make my English themes more interesting. I still remember her saying, “ah, eh, e, o, ooooooo. My most memorable teacher was one that I greatly feared, Miss Burke. However, she taught me the most. She taught me to carefully look at each test question because she gave very tricky ones. I also quickly saw through her hard shell and saw the caring thoughtful person that she was.


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