Blog 3

Your comments and memories are invited. As comments begin to flow in (and hopefully they will), do take time to read them.

  •  Memory of the Day: Many of us remember Miss Ida Murray, math teacher who was really, really old. (Well, she was probably all of fifty at the time.) She taught on the second floor with a room over ledges and the carvings to the left of the main entrance to the school. One day one of our classmates climbed out the window and hid on the ledge. Jim McNeel has told this story and needs to repeat all of the details here, ‘cause he knows them better than I.
  •  More on the reunionOur hotel is providing a hospitality room that is available for anyone, whether you are staying in the hotel or not, to drop by and have a visit with other classmates. After every reunion in the past, a significant comment is that there just was not time to have a really good visit with everyone you wanted to see. Here is the opportunity to spend your down time recalling the good old days.
  • In 1954… The world’s largest war vessel, the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal, is commissioned in Virginia.
  •  How times change… Sixty years later in February, 2014, the de-commissioned Forrestal is being towed to a salvage yard to be dismantled. And, in 1954, the average life expectancy was 68.2 years. We recommend that classmates keep on trucking, avoiding salvage yards and dismantling.

Confidential: If you are by-passing our reunion because of the cost, we have received some generous donations to help defray part of the cost. Please contact me at No one but you and I will know about it.

One of the really important things each of you can do is to make sure we have your current contact information. If your email or phone or address has changed recently, send it along to If your underwear size has changed, we don’t care to know about it.

That’s all for today.  Please send along memories and comments and stay tuned.  When I can turn the laziness level down a notch, I will find some photos.


2 thoughts on “Blog 3

  1. Douglas White

    I am glad to see this blog started. I hope many will participate. As a resident of San Antonio, I hope to visit the hospitality room as often as I can with camera to take as many photos and to share memories. For those that do not recognize my name, I am the guy in the wheelchair. If empigh are interested, we can add a facebook page also and I will try to keep it up to date following this blog. I hope to see as many as possible this time around, because as Jack said, we are not getting any younger and this well may be our last formal reunion. Best Regards to all, Douglas White. Olga Vogel’s Home room.

  2. Laura Moore Brusenhan

    I remember with the fondest of memories my days at Jefferson. Mrs Taliaferro’s advisory, and Lassos (even with those early morning practices) . I met my husband Harry when he came to visit his brother Dick who was in the same advisory. We married my freshman year at UT Austin, have been married 59 years and have 4 children , three daughters and one son, who are all college graduates as are Harry and I ( I went back to college after having our children and graduated from Trinity University in 1969) Harry is a retired pharmacist . I own a boutique travel company located in San Antonio (Sunshine Travel Inc) across from Trinity University on 281 and Mulberry. We have 9 grandchildren , Five are in college . We will be away and not able to attend our reunion. We wish everyone a great and happy time. Laura Moore Brusenhan


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