Blog 2 February 10, 2014

This is the second posting. If you look at the first posting and click on comments, you will have opportunity to see what others have said. If you wish to make a comment, I found that I am notified and must approve the posting. My thought is to approve all, no matter what the comments are, but then I assume that all of our classmates are laden down with class and will not be too rude.

Memory of the day. Probably everyone in our class heard about Mr. Daniel, the math teacher, having a chaw during class. The story goes that he would occasionally go to the open window and have a spit. One day, someone eased the window down, closing it. Mr. Daniel was unaware, and when he went over to spit out the window, it splatted against the glass and ran down. Is that urban legend or fact? Does anyone remember the event? Does anyone own up to closing the window? Was it Dan Sciaraffia or someone else who wants to claim the honor?

Let’s talk about our reunion. A survey last spring indicated that the vast majority is available to attend any time during the week, so it is scheduled for a Wednesday and Thursday. A somewhat unscientific research indicated that airfares are generally lower on those days and lowered hotel rates were offered.

For the first time, we have chosen a downtown hotel on the riverwalk as reunion headquarters. We committed to 50 rooms, and already we have surpassed the 50. The hotel is still accepting reservations at the great rate at this time.

Our hotel is the Drury Plaza Hotel San Antonio Riverwalk. It was originally the Alamo National Bank building back in the day, so it is nostalgia laden. As the name implies, it is on the riverwalk,

The committee is diligently working to make this the best reunion ever. It is anticipated that it will be the last reunion as we have known them for the past 60 years, so you should plan to join us on April 30 and May 1.

Send along your comments and ideas.

5 thoughts on “Blog 2 February 10, 2014

  1. Jay Weidenfeld

    I remember well the legend of Mr. Daniel (‘D-Minus Daniel’) and the freshly cleaned window. I do NOT know whether it’s fact or fantasy but it’s a durable, amusing story of the kind much beloved by high-school kids. If we can be thought of an an urban community I guess it could be an urban legend, if a bit before its time.
    A much more serious recollection is one of Mr. MacDaniel, ‘Mr. Mac.’, who taught trig and algebra. A very serious teacher who delivered the most carefully planned instruction I ever experienced, Mr. Mac was without question the best teacher I ever experienced, even at some high-powered institutions. Some years later I heard rumors that he came to a sad end. A great loss.
    Jay Weidenfeld – from Mr. Jones’ homeroom and domino parlor

  2. Jeanine Kliefoth Price

    I was in Mr. Daniel’s class and yes, after he had us working, he would open his desk drawer and remove something in cellophane paper. I always thought it was a cigar and he took a bite out of it. I never saw him spit out of the window though. I thought he was a great teacher, but I thought all of the Jefferson teachers were great.

  3. Judy (Mrs. Harvey) Clouser

    Harvey says that he was there and saw Mr. Daniel hit the window with his tobacco, but he swears he did not close the window nor does he know who closed the window. The memory finally prompted him to decide to go to the reunion. He is looking foreword to seeing you all.


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