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Blog 43 March 6, 2015


About the book! Most everyone who ordered a book has received it by now, and the response has been completely gratifying. To all who sent kind comments, thank you. The post office does strange and not so wonderful things, so if your copy has not arrived, be patient. I followed some of the tracking numbers and found that our astute postal service sent a number of the books to Dallas even though for delivery in Austin and here in SA. Go figure.

I will include a few of your comments below, edited a bit.

From Pete Sweet: My reflections booklet arrived on Monday. I cannot begin to tell all of you what a terrific job you did with it. It has so many memories and I started at the front and have read through letter “C”, the information submitted by classmates shows what a diversified group of young people attended Jefferson High School graduating in 1954. To see everyone of our classmates is a true joy and to hear their adventures and experiences was a true gift. I do not know what those who did not order a copy of the publication thought they might be getting, but I can personally say that I got way more than I expected. I thought that I would get a pamphlet containing what those who replied about the past 60 years had written. To get as much information as this fine book contains is priceless. I hope that perhaps in the future when classmates are in San Antonio they might be able to get together to keep in touch.

From Janet Walker Mathes: I just received my 6o Years of Memories book today and I can’t put it down. It is so great and I am so very thankful to all those who helped you get this together and get it out. It is such a treasure. Please relay may heartfelt thanks to all those who took their time and energy to compile and distribute this to all of us. I wish I had known all this about my fellow classmates before we were together. What interesting lives.

From Sue Grum Redding: Received the ’54 History Book on Wednesday. I spent all afternoon reading it from cover to cover and then reread some parts yesterday.  It is awesome.  Thanks for all your work and the others that were involved.  Thinking back on my time at Jefferson, I remember more about the fun and friends instead of all the studying we must have done.  Would you have believed when we graduated that 60 years later there would be this volume of success stores? 

Enough of the praises. On to more interesting:

History factoids: The bit on the Hertzberg clock history generated memories and comments. Patsy Hatch Patterson and Jeanine Kliefoth Price both remember getting off the bus at that corner and checking the time. Patsy walked down Houston Street and up Alamo Plaza to get to Joske’s. Ben Williams that “You may not know that Hertzberg’s is where Ike bought Mamie her engagement ring. He was an instructor for ROTC at TMI in his first assignment after West Point.” Back in the 80’s (1980’s) when I often presided over ribbon cuttings for the Chamber of Commerce, one of the events took place on a newly converted office building on Broadway. It had originally been an apartment building and was the first residence of Ike and Mamie after they were married.

And on TMI, how many of you remember that Douglas MacArthur was as student there? TMI (Texas Military Institute) opened its doors in 1893. Douglas MacArthur was an early graduate, finishing in 1897, before entering West Point two years later. Here are a couple of photos of MacArthur. More about TMI in a later blog.


Closing with a few more photos sent by Jim Warren:

clip_image004 Bonnie Hirsch   clip_image006   Margaret Pratt

If you have old photos to include here, send them along to jeff-54@satx.rr.com

Blog 41 February 17, 2015

Energized again! After six weeks since last writing, I suppose the 30 or so following have drifted away. Laziness, procrastination, working on the class history, and keeping active on the usual chores like taking out the garbage have kept me occupied. Now I have self-inserted three AAA batteries and am ready to go again.

Our history book is at the printer. I picked up a copy yesterday to review and take to the post office for weighing preparatory to mailing next week. Looking at it, I see various opportunities to fine tune it, but I had to call a halt somewhere to get it sent out in our collective lifetimes.

Since last writing, I have had exchanges with Jim Warren and will include some of his old pictures in the coming blogs. Here is one now of Sam Kersh and Dagmar Kielgast. We were all that young once.


Sam and Dagmar

   Jim has in interesting past, which is included in     the upcoming history. But for teasers, Jim was a pioneer in  the early days of Personal Computers and became well  known in publishing early computer publications. He married for the first time at age 65.

Here is Jim in some before and after photos:

clip_image004 clip_image006 clip_image008

Photo 1 1957-teaching at what is now MacArthur HS

Photo 2  Wild and wooly as a Stanford grad student

Photo 3 1978 passport photo


Photo 4. Today at home in Washington

American Pie—the day the music died. Our 1950 years saw the transition from ballads to rock and roll. San Antonio was late to embrace the new music—all the music at our dances in the gym was slow and easy. By the time I arrived in Austin for college in September 1955, I was amazed at hearing songs like “Good Golly Miss Molly” as well as seeing “Blackboard Jungle” and being blown away by “Rock Around the Clock.” Buddy Holly came along in 1959 and was incandescent for about eighteen months. Penny and I went to see a live performance of “The Buddy Holly Story” this past February 3. It was a memorable evening with about 25 songs that Buddy sang. By coincidence, February 3 was the anniversary of the plane crash that killed Buddy, Richie Valens, and the Big Bopper. There was a special tribute and we all joined in singing “American Pie.” If you are not familiar with it, look it up on YouTube and listen to it—the day the music died.

In closing, I have other stuff to pass along but will save it till the next effort in a couple of day. In the meantime, most of you are in a warm clime. Here is a photo of a friend’s house in Boston, where they have had 90 inches of snow.