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Blog 24 June 18, 2014

Man Working! No need for a hard hat here, diligently working on the reunion project, which probably should be named “why did I think this would be a good idea?” On June 7, I sent out the email asking for changes to the preliminary class directory. There were over fifty responses, most arriving immediately, but a few still trickling in.  Most input was to add a cell number, although there were a few corrections that I believe were in the data base when I inherited it 25 years ago. I will be sending out revisions in a few days.

What is taking a lot of time is the class history portion. As mentioned in a previous blog, Yvonne Kennedy Bradfield scanned in each picture in the year book. That was a monumental task. The project now is to add the histories and obituaries that we have. As I look at the accomplishments we listed in the Monticello, I see all sorts of activities .It seems like most in the class were either on the Library Council or a Class Representative. Does anyone remember exactly what either group did?

I noticed some were a member of the Freshman or Sophomore Scholastic Society. But they did not progress from there to the Junior National Honor Society or NHS. One wonders, did they lose their scholastic enthusiasm? What did the Scribblers do? What was the JLC? Did you know that there was a Skating Club, a Chess Club? Mike Gill listed as belonging to the Institute for Space Travel, way back in 1954. That calls to mind Flash Gordon.

In the meantime, here several more photos.

Spin the Bottle….

party 11044

…and the spin points to Peggy Frazier. Who else do you see? Bettye Sue Conrad  4th from left and Carl Conn with a polka dot cap and Elizabeth White, complete with curls, two down from Carl.

And forever blowing bubbles….

party 9042

Don’t know who she is, but that is Joy Robertson seated and Harvey Clouser looking like he is doing a pushup. Billy Dube in a jersey, and maybe Hap Veltman with a bubble next to Billy.

And a little more staid…


Louise Dobbins, Mary Helen Bass Bell, and Janet Walker. Looking lovely, ladies!


Pat Freeman, Aleen Smith, and Connie Mayes after touring the old Municipal Auditorium, now known as the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts.

Comments anyone?

Blog 19 May 21, 2014

Since the reunion, I have begun sorting and ditching reunion files collected over the years.  Rather than blindly tossing, I have been perusing them and discovered interesting trivia plus some photos from a party in May 1954. I have no idea how I ended up with these photos, but upon inspection, I can recognize quite a few faces (none of them mine).  I will post some of these over the next few blogs. There is a starter, with the faces I recognize:


I believe these would be Beverly North, Joy Robertson, and Carolyn Taylor, but I would not bet a week’s wages on Beverly. Notice the Studer logo at the bottom of the pic.

Here is another of the 14 photos:


Here are Frank Hagan, Elizabeth White, Fay Lawrence, and Harvey Clouser. Not sure about Elizabeth. Can anyone confirm?

30th Reunion: Our thirtieth was my first to be involved in and took place in June, 1984. On Friday night, our informal event took place at Frechies, a barbecue place , just inside Loop 420 on West Avenue.  In retrospect, it was a fairly tacky place for a class as cool as ours.  Saturday night was our first party at the Plaza Club atop the Frost Bank Tower. That was memorable for one reason in particular. We planned a cocktail buffet, with hors d’ouevres but not a full meal. Across the street was a vacant lot where Stowers Furniture building had just been demolished.  Goldbeck had set up stands and all classmates dutifully traipsed down to be part of the panoramic photo. When that was done, we went back to the Plaza Club and found that spouses and significant others had eaten every scrap of food, with nothing left for the classmates. What a downer.   Maybe we were not as cool as we suspected and should have educated on how to behave at the food table.  

In later reunions, we ensured we did not run out of food.   At this last reunion at the Plaza Club that we paid extra for servers to dish up the food on the buffet line. It slowed the line down, but there was food for all.

Also of note for that reunion is that our deceased list had only fifteen names on it.

More tomorrow.