Blog 90 Idle on a dreary day.

Today is a dreary, overcast day with the temperature at 460. Who remembers way back when the city slogan was “San Antonio…where the sunshine spends the winter.”? Our English professor, Priscilla Tate needs to educate me on proper punctuation at the end of a quote. I believe the end punctuation goes inside the quote mark. In the preceding sentence, however, the sentence is a question, and the quote is not. Too much time on my hands, eh?

Willie Gonzalez
has been on our lost list for years, maybe decades. I believe he was a mid-termer and left in January of ’54 rather than waiting until May. Who can confirm? From time to time, someone will ask about Willie and finally my fuzzy brain connected a chance comment that Willie was related to Henry B. Gonzalez, who was a long-time, many term re-elected Congressman from San Antonio. Henry’s son, Charles, later spent several terms as the successor Congressman till he quit of his own accord. Making a short story long, I contacted Charles and asked about Willie. Charles told me that Willie is retired and living in Bend, Oregon after a career in the Army. Charles sent along my contact info, but so far, I have not heard from Willie. I did not know Willie personally, and I have not attempted to locate him via the Internet. Charles did not share contact info with me. Incidentally, Henry B. was in the first graduating class from Jeff in 1932.

Dumbo While shaving this morning, I noticed my ears and thought of Dumbo. Recall, Dumbo was an early movie from Walt Disney about a baby elephant whose ears were so large that he learned to fly, using the ears as wings. Probably it was on my mind because I recently read that Disney is going to do a remake of the classic.

Some more photos
from the lunch last October

Bob Blake, Harry & Cerene Wharton

Nancy Pierce, Tommy Patterson, Beverly Hime, Pat Sparks to left of Nancy

Warner Fassnidge

Next time: A picture essay on changing hair styles.

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