Blog 55

Lost in the 50s Tonight.
Who remembers the Ronnie Milsap classic? Click here and tune in while reading along. It’s a long URL, but just click on it. It sort of takes you back to the gym and prom night, if you watch the video. If clicking does not work for you, call it up on YouTube.


So what’s my purpose?
I am not stuck in the past, but nostalgia is good. In the newspaper a month back was an article entitled “The heart of ’80s music is still beating.” The lengthy article describes the enormous and growing popularity of 1980s music making a comeback. The old groups that we may or may not have heard of are doing concerts across the country now. As an example, Duran Duran is coming to San Antonio, and when tickets went on sale, they sold out the auditorium in nine minutes! And immediately added a second show and that sold out. If you are not familiar with Duran Duran, as most of us are not, then just be alerted that groups such as Erasure, The Clocks, Chicago, New Edition, and The Culture Club (Boy George) will probably be playing at a venue near you.

So what?
The news article went on to dissect this phenomenon. A generational expert says, “Nostalgia plays an important role in the 80s trend. Listening to music from an era puts people back in the mindset they were in back then. That makes older people feel a little younger.” GenXers—people in their late 30s to early 50s came of age in the 80s. So, to me, recalling the past just is a bit of feel good.

More Photos from May Luncheon The captions never quite line up with the photos when posted to the website, but I know intelligence wins out and you all can figure these out.

Pat Hileman Sparks & Marilyn Bitsis    Ed Davis and Warner Fassnidge     Sella Muniz Rodriguez & Mary Lou Briseno Davis

Heading Out.
Taking a break now for a couple of weeks and headed to the Maritime Provinces—New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island for scallops, lobster, and sightseeing. If you are avidly watching for my return, you can click on “follow” and register to have these enthralling postings appear in your mailbox. TTFN—text-speak, that is a standard goodbye—Ta Ta for Now. If I recall on return, I will expound on some good Australian expressions.

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