Blog 47 April 16, 2015

It has been a while since writing. I suppose the 25-30 of you  who were following have moved on to other more interesting thoughts. I have been remiss, but there are  many interesting time occupiers and some mundane that must be done.

Harry Jones: Over the years, I probably received more queries about Harry than any other one person in our class.  Yesterday, Harry was laid to rest at Sunset Memorial Park on the Austin Highway. Our class was well represented at the event. Bobby and Phyllis Tate came down from Austin, Billy and Bettye Sue Dube, Danny and Irma Sciaraffa, Don Martin, Charlie Griffin, and I were there, along with Connie Orr from the class ahead. It was a simple and heartfelt service, with a good visit after, as we exchanged memories of Harry. Harry’s daughter, Lee Ann, and son, Gene, were there and Harry’s brother, Dudley. Many sent me their expressions of sympathy or condolences. I have promised Lee Ann that I will send her those emails.

A denial: Someone commented to me that I keep people in touch by sending out notices of who has died. It is not my intention to always be the bearer of sad news. Recently we have had several deaths. Two were to update the list in the history book, as Jan Cox and Robert Lacey had been on the lost list. Harry was a “person of interest” and that is why I broadcast his passing. But I do deny that the purpose of my communications is to pass on news of other losses.

Reminiscing: Yesterday, someone remembered Harry and also George Pierce taking over and teaching a class—maybe geometry. I recall how Harry was the favorite of Mrs. Davis in chemistry class. That was so obvious that it must have embarrassed Harry. If anyone wants to share other memories of Harry, please comment.

Further reminiscing: A group was chatting recently about the movies back in the day. For a quarter, you could go to the movie, buy popcorn, and a drink. For that, you got to see a movie, a few serials, a cartoon, previews and the feature. Then we remember the “News of the Day” from Movietone or “News on Parade” from Paramount. Part of the lead-into one of those two was a montage of various activities. The one that sticks in my mind were girls clad in shorts doing jumping jacks. Does anyone else remember that? Then someone remembered that there was often a sing-a-long, where you followed the bouncing ball. I may not be all that sophisticated today, but singing along at the movie and the bouncing ball seems so cornball today.

I do hear from a lot of you guys for one reason or another. I pretend not to be a gossip, but I do think it is appropriate to pass along some of the comments and news. One flash is that Jerry Harris has recently become engaged after being widowed eleven years ago.

I intend to be a bit more regular with the blog—won’t comment about other things. The newspaper has been running a feature about events in SA over the past hundred or so years—I will include some of that in the future.  Till next time….

3 thoughts on “Blog 47 April 16, 2015


    Thanks Jack, I look forward to your blogs. Tom and I get into the remember when’s after reading them. Looking forward to the next one.PP

  2. Jeanine

    Mercy, not only did we have all of that at the movies, on Saturday we had two shows and sometimes a Duncan Yo-Yo contest. Our folks could let us spend all day and never had to worry about our safety. Then there were the drive-ins. We still have one close….double features. There are no longer the little speaker boxes, one has to use the car radio. I guess the folks drove away with too many of them.
    Glad you are back on the Blog. Love it. Jeanine


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