Blog 30 August 12, 2014

Thanks! The last effort drew more comments than any previously. It made me feel gooood. If you all have not read the various comments, maybe you should and then chime in.

Does anyone remember graduation night? It was on a Wednesday night, and we were all very well behaved. In more recent years, the trend has been to do “amusing” things and play jokes. I recall when my son graduated, someone produced a beach ball and it was tossed in the air and batted from one to another. I don’t think we had the intestinal fortitude to do anything outrageous. Truth be told, I really don’t remember a whole lot about the event, though I do recall sitting between Bob Schiebe and Pete Sweet. Here are the first three pages of the graduation program.  Hope you find them legible.




I have absolutely no recall of a program as shown on page 3. But the band was there and we had various music selections and vocals by band members and singers. Did they play in their graduation robes? I do recall Pomp and Circumstance, though I thought it was played for our grand entrance.

I am hoping the programs will be large enough to be legible. One more question: Does anyone know why we had a Dean of Girls but not a Dean of Boys? I think the Vice Principal double hated but did not receive credit for it.

The theaters: I owe some photos of the Majestic and will get to that next time.

Who remembers Miss Huey? Another maiden teacher lady, Miss Huey taught English. Some years ago I heard a rumor about her demise during a summer vacation. The story I heard is that she was at home moving a chest of drawers. Somehow it tipped over on her and she was trapped underneath. They found her body some days later. Did anyone else ever hear that story? I presume it is not an urban legend.

The class history project and reunion follow up. I have started labeling the photos and was sad to realize that some people who attended are not in the posed pictures. Have not viewed the balance of those snapped by the wandering photographers. I will be checking out about production costs in the next week or so, though I still suspect it will be a couple of months till it is done.



5 thoughts on “Blog 30 August 12, 2014


    Wonder who decided the class colors,motto, etc. I really don’t remember graduation night either. I know we went with our families instead of having a party or anything like they do now. PP

    1. jeffclassof54 Post author

      I forgot to comment on those colors and motto. I suspect no one from our class made the suggestion. Mrs. McIntyre, our class sponsor, probably thought it all up and considered it elegant. My the way, My mother sometimes saw Mrs. McIntyre at the beauty parlor and would come home to report how Mrs Mc. was having her eyebrows dyed.

  2. Jeanine Kliefoth Price

    I don’t remember much about that night, but I do remember going to Les Wilke’s house with Evelyn Gillis and Sue Elo after the ceremony. Kenny Price and Bill Judge were with Sue and me. Does anyone remember the Baccalaureate service that we were required to attend? They are not given anymore, as times have changed. I thought we were very well behaved. One of my son’s graduations, held outside, had bottle rockets go off by a couple of students. That was the last time for that incident. Say, does anyone remember Wolf & Marx? I still have a charge card from there.


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