Blog 22 June 6, 2014

Lot of stuff going on right now for the reunion follow up. The first effort on the directory of active classmates should be ready for distribution later today. This will give all you all a chance to review your information and perhaps rcognize some lost names.

In addition, with an enormous amount of help from Lavonne Kennedy, the project to create a class history is taking shape. Lavonne has scanned each yearbook photo individually and is not inserting the photo into the class list. It took her about 60 hours just to scan the photos. To that effort, I will be adding the recent photos photos and histories since graduation, along with scanning in some obituaries that were collected by classmates over the years. Since we have only about 20-25 percent of histories from our active classmates, some help is needed to twist and cajole others to respond. When this is done, it will be provided to all of you and presented to the TJHS Historical Preservation Society.

I have not even started working with the several hundred photos that were taken and forwarded to me.

So there is a lot to be done over the next several months.

Here is a photo from Senior Play publicity. It is from the newspaper and yellowed with age. Sadly, Dick Blount and Bobby Rios are no longer with us. Dave Mills is alive and well on the faculty at University of Pittsburg.

Stage door 2052

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Nancy Oferle, Bernie Nelson, or Claudia Neuerberg? All of our reunion letters were returned. Nancy used to live on the same street as Cleve Stover and Sam Kersh.  Bernie was in Del Rio several years ago, and Cluadia was in a retirement community a few years back. She has moved and if the retirement center has a forwarding address, they will not give it out under the guise of protecting her privacy.

Still another party picture:

party 14049

Some faces are easily identified, some not so. Front row is Kay Matteson ( I think), Kay Haller, Joy Robertson, Beverly North (??), Carolyn Taylor, Dorothy Crawford, someone and someone, and Peggy Page. Nest row, tall, is Carolyn Edgerton, ??, Fay Lawrence .   Enough. You all can guess the rest.

Final thought for the day: As we age, we are finding more and more of our classmates who have become caregivers, are receiving care, or widowed.  I think some of our classmates are going to heroic efforts to keep their life partners comfortable and well looked after. My hat is off to each of you.

3 thoughts on “Blog 22 June 6, 2014

  1. Beverly Graham Hime

    I am so enjoying this blog. Several people are doing lots and lots of work. I, for one, appreciate it.

  2. Jeanine Kliefoth Price

    You asked in the last blog about our views of some teachers, so here goes mine………Miss Perez taught me the vowel sounds. Mr. Sprott didn’t teach me Algebra, but he did answer my question of why one couldn’t add a’s to b’s. He said I would get a fruit salad. Mrs. Mac taught me to talk in front of people and not say “uh”, “idear”, “firgit”. Mrs. Willingham made me rip out my seams in sewing class and baste first. This I hated because I had been sewing since I was 6 years old and basting took too much time. The English teachers taught me to diagram (a lost art) and to write ledgibly (another lost art). Miss Burke taught me to take tests. Mr. Coffey was soooo good looking. All- in- all Jefferson had some great teachers that truly cared about us and I will have warm feelings about them always. A word about Mr. Gott later.

    1. jeffclassof54 Post author

      I can still say “the box” from Senorita Perez class exercises. And while I can remember and say it well, I am currently trying to recapture my Spanish linguistic ability (it was never great to start with.) I am working with Rosetta Stone, and either I remember it all wrong or my ear is not attuned to repeating it correctly. At this point I could not advise anyone to try Rosetta. Go find Srta. Perez instead. And don’t even think about French, which was next on my bucket list.


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