Blog 16 April 11, 2014

A note: If you wish to comment on anything here or take me to task, you do not have to send it to me to post. You can do it by clicking on the comment button. It will come to me to censor, but I promise not to.

As reunion nears, more and more time is devoted to the grand finale. We are receiving many “life histories” since Jeff days, and some fun photos. Yesterday, I was rummaging around looking for some old memorabilia and looked at a box that had been in the garage attic of our previous home and in the garage, full of “souvenirs” saved over the years and moved from one place to another. In it was an old calendar from senior year. It contained all the social events, games, and school events. I definitely was not going steady from all the names of dates there. Maybe I will disclose some of them –or maybe not.

Hollywood Star? Does anyone remember Gus Peters? He appears in our 1954 yearbook photos but was not listed in the graduation program; either he either finished the previous January or dropped out. In the memorabilia mentioned above were notes from our tenth reunion—the first one our class had. Listed in those comments was the cryptic comment: “Gus is in the movies,” and a Hollywood address was listed. I searched and found scraps of information and a picture. If you go to there is scant information—no bio, no full information but credits for 26 movies he was in. The best known was Flowers in the Attic, which had some bigger names but was not well received. He played the caretaker. His other movies were not Oscar contenders. For example, his credits include Brain of Blood, Angels’ Wild Women, and Superchick to name several. Most of these took place in the 70s, except for Flowers in 1987 and a short in 2000 called Destiny.

More about Gus: I found a phone number on line and called Gus yesterday. Indeed, he did go to Hollywood and became what he calls a cult star. He mostly appeared in B movies (those low budget flicks where the acting was pretty bad—my comment, not his.) Gus says he did not graduate with us because he was a bad boy and was kicked out of Jeff. Gus told me of quite of few of his exploits over the years. I took what he said with a grain of salt—but I will not judge at this point. I will try to decipher the notes I scribbled and include them later.

Here is a photo.

12647154_gal[1]  If you have memories of Gus, please add them.

Reunion: Those reservations continue to flow in. Too many to list completely, but look for Dick and Marilyn Brusenhan, Elizabeth Clemmons Wright, Patricia (Trimble) Bryant, Wayne and Gerry Gabehart, the Dubes, the Bells, the Grioffins, Aleen (Smith) Freeman, Charlie Slagle, and Harvey Clouser, to name a few. You all come. It’s not too late if you are on the fence about it.

1 thought on “Blog 16 April 11, 2014

  1. Marilynn Black Warren

    Can’t believe how GREAT the Reunion was…..all was so very well organized and the Hospitality Room was such a GREAT idea as we were able to visit so well there. So wonderful to see so many of our ol’ buddies and all the food was SUPERB! Thanks again to all who helped and I am so glad I could be of “Some” assistance even if not in SA to work with the Committee. I thought EVERYONE just looked GREAT and i am so proud the so many of us are still “Upright” and able to get around……we are no ” spring Chickens” you know!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!


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