Blog 15 April 6, 2014

Three weeks and counting now to the big event on April 30 and May 1.  Reservations are flowing in, and I have heard from a fair number who are excited. If you have not gotten around to sending in yours because our procrastination level rises with retirement and our efficiency level falls, NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT! And it is not too late to change your mind about attending this last Jeff Class of 54 Reunion.  {Financial assistance is still available, and no one but you and I will know about it.  Contact me directly via }


Just for fun: Here is a a photo to amuse you. The lady in the photo has granted permission to glance back at “our wild side of youth.”

Do you recognize the participants in the bacchanal?                             Jane McRoberts011  Send your guesses and will identify later.

Get those bios in to me! About forty of you have sent in an update of your life since Jeff. Reading through them, I have laughed, been impressed, and enjoyed life as some of you have known it. It is not to late to send an input with a photo if possible, and it is not too late to revise what your sent. I would hate for some of you to be embarrassed to see your input when we get around to publishing all the papers and pictures. I am talking to you folks who sent in about two sentences. You have free rein, so send along something that has been meaningful to you, has amused you, or whatever. What was your chosen profession, occupation, job, hobby? Just email to

Memory time: Here is a memory by Jay Weidenfeld. Does anyone else recall unusual or different jobs while at Jeff?


One of the most memorable experiences from Junior and Senior years was available only to boys in the band. Why the band – or why only boys, for that matter – I don’t know, but those who were interested got to usher at a variety of performances at the Municipal Auditorium. We got $2 per night, had to show up well before the doors opened for location assignments, and had to conform to the dress code for each event (usually the standard ‘coat & tie and shave your legs’). We worked until the first intermission and could then take an available seat for the rest of the show or stand if there were no places …. or leave if suitable. No tipping allowed, though one night a Scot in kilts reached for his wallet and asked in proper brogue, “Is it the custom here?” I had to refuse with thanks. And regrets.

I remember getting to see lots of symphony performances, numerous road-show plays and musicals, some outstanding jazz and a few operas. I believe I saw ‘Guys And Dolls’ five times and liked it every time. There was an extravaganza called ‘Jazz At The Philharmonic’, the likes of which I’ve never seen again, with Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich, two of the greatest jazz drummers of all time, on stage at once, going at it for what seemed like an hour. There was also an opera which recruited a group of ushers to go on stage in funky ‘costumes’ as supernumeraries in an army. Sorry to say I don’t remember which opera that was, but when someone asks if I know anything about opera I can say, “Well, I carried a spear once.”

If anyone remembers the experience I’d like to know which grand spectacle we became part of.

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