Blog 12 March 26, 2014

Who is coming to the reunion? Replies are arriving for the reunion. In just a week, thirty-one have been returned, which is most encouraging and very much appreciated for your prompt responses. To date, only one has failed to include the check, so senioritis is not rampant. From Houston, you can expect to find the Bitsis, Pattersons, Trevinos, and Byrds. Austinites include the Finches, Patricia Trimble Bryant, and the Penicks (Betty Ann Canfield). Localites include Patmore, Burd, Dubes, Hundleys, Shanks’, Sciaraffas, Wisemans (Pat Padgett), Mogas, Hunts, Phillips’, the committee members (Martin, Gregory, Blake, Sparks, Hime), and from Washington comes Sam Granato. The Bells are in between, moving back to SA after many years in LA. Watch for more names.

Do you know where they are? Returned invitation packets are also boomeranging back with addresses that are no longer valid. The postal service does wonderful things, like telling you that forwarding time has expired but giving the forwarding address so that you and add a new stamp and send it on. Does anyone know where to find Glenn Tripp, Carolyn Anders Fenton, Arlene Stessel Goldberg, Myrlene Mcconald Knotek, Nancy Offerle McCollum, Claudia Neuerberg Fine, Lora Fay Foster Owen, or Anna Sue Ridings Kirkland?

Your life update! Thanks to those of you who are sending in brief updates on what has gone on in your life since leaving Jeff in 1954. Also, thanks for the photos. If you have not sent one, we encourage you to do so. Our intent is to put all of these together in a booklet form to send out after our reunion event. We do not want it to be the world’s thinnest book.

In addition: Someone has suggested that it would be great fun if everyone will send in a brief description of your best or worst or funniest memory while at Jeff. If we get some, we will either post them in the hospitality room or perhaps read a few at one of the dinners.

One of the rewards: One of the rewards of being the point of contact is receiving calls from classmates for one reason or another. Today, I had a call from Miguel (Mike) Esparza, who is retired and living in Colorado. Mike has never been to one of our reunions and will not make this one, but he has promised to send along a sketch of his life. Mike told me he was career Air Force. Later he earned some of his keep as a cartoonist. According to our yearbook, Mike was on the Monticello staff, in the Art Club, the Declaration staff, the Student Council, and was a captain in the ROTC.

Yesterday, I also received a call from Sonia Garza Torres with some questions. After the call, she made her plane reservations and will be flying in from Orlando. Sonia came to our reunion five years ago. I recall that she either was the restaurant business in Florida. At Jeff, Sonia was President of the Orchestra, President of the Y-Teens, and Vice President of the French Club.

If any of you have more memories of Mike or Sonia, please add a comment to this page. Thanks.

Goodbye Hudson! In 1954, Hudson and Nash-Kelvinator merged to become American Motors. Rmember the Hudson Hornet? How about the Gremlin that came later from American Motors. It brings back a tear, thinking about the old Packard, the DeSoto, and the Studebaker. I stood on the corner of Main Avenue and Poplar Streets waiting for the bus to Jeff. The Packard dealership was just across the street, so I have many memories of seeing those grand old cars.

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