Blog 150A Addendum

Blog 150A This Stands Alone Addendum

For the blog just posted, this intro was not published. So here it is, just to confuse you.

Most of the blogs I write are original thinking (or lack of thinking), but now and then there is something nostalgic that is worth sharing. What I just posted as Blog 150 came across the computer tonight. I think you will enjoy it and one again realize that we grew up in the best of times. I want to shed a tear when I see so many with their eyes glued to the cell phone and social media to find out what they should think. Switch now to Blog 150 This Stands Alone

1 thought on “Blog 150A Addendum

  1. Jeanine

    I have also seen this before and think it formed our lives. I still save bacon grease, had milk delivered when living in Corpus and many other things. Last week one of my daughters said she had to see things and could not imagine what someone or something looked like by reading a book or hearing it on the radio. We were blessed with an imagination. Truly the best of times.


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