Blog 145 Getting Your Money’s Worth

Blog 145 Getting Your Money’s Worth


  • Getting your money’s worth
  • How long has it been?
  • Obituaries and such
  • Pictures

Imagine this!
2024 will be as many years from 1980 as 1980 was from 1936, when most of us were born.

Getting your money’s worth:
I last blogged more than five months ago, despite composing a few in my head while driving the freeways. I even started several just to jot down ideas. Lazy cuss that I am, procrastination did its usual fine job.

Regrettably, procrastination has adverse side effects. WordPress carries this blog. They notified that my subscription would renew in April, and I dithered. I dithered about renewing, because inspiration had not been compelling enough to write anything, nor has any class news arrived. Should I renew or stop writing? When the credit card bill arrived, there was the decision I had not made: I paid my $18 for another year and will try to get my money’s worth.

How Long has it been?
This blog started in 2013 as a run up to our class reunion in 2014. Recalling memories of the good old times at Jeff High was intended to whip up enthusiasm for attending. Whether it contributed to attendance or not, we enjoyed one of the best class reunions ever.

The effort post 2014 to send along news of classmates and to acknowledge our mortality with news of classmates passing. No news is good news, so they say, and no one has notified me of their own or someone else’s passing since last November.

Obituaries and such…On my two-mile walk this morning, I was recalling the newspaper from past decades, when it was hefty and worth reading, compared to the puny San Antonio newspaper today. Our paper is now published in Houston and trucked over each morning in the wee hours, so any coverage happened before 6 or 7 PM the previous day.

Newspapers decades ago were could occupy an hour or more compared to the 10-15 minutes to read what is published today. The Sunday sports section covered college football games in depth. There was a society section that carried dozens of engagement announcements and wedding write ups as well as other social news. There was a listing of reports from the police blotter, a hefty entertainment section listing all the movies, and obituaries.

When you reach an age—I am not sure what that age is—most of us start reading obituaries. My mother did, and sure enough, I begin to peruse the pages a while back. But obituaries are out of fashion. The daily paper may publish one or two or three daily, with several pages in the Sunday edition. Probably the primary reason is that an insertion cost is outrageous, but probably also because of our nomadic society. With children and grandchildren all over the country, so many seniors have re-located to the same locale as their offspring, both to be close to the grandchildren and to have someone to look after us as we approach senility.

Having rambled here, I should propose that the final obituary should be an obituary for newspapers. Most are on their last legs and tottering.

Photos…I thought I would end this with some photos, but with our class photographer having migrated to Oklahoma, no photos have recently arrived. Readers, send a pic of yourself, please.




3 thoughts on “Blog 145 Getting Your Money’s Worth

  1. Beverly Hime

    Jack, I love your blog–even when I don’t respond. And apparently you enjoyed the OLD San Antonio newspaper as much as I did; I grieved the loss when I gave it up to retaliate for a front page article I didn’t think should be published at all. I feel better about my loss now that I have learned the current paper is printed in Houston! I really didn’t lose much except a space of time filled with mindless reading. Keep on blogging!

  2. Priscilla Tate

    You asked for pictures! Here’s one of me on my porch in Belfast. I’ll be there June 4.

    Priscilla Sent from my iPhone


  3. Jeanine

    I used to take the Express in the morning, the Evening News in the afternoon and both of those and The Light on Sunday. So many great things were in those papers, weddings, births, homes for sale, etc. The comics were also so entertaining during those times and the short TV schedule was also available. I didn’t know until last year that my grandmother’s cousin was Editor of the Light. I remember that we met in front of it to march in the Battle of Flowers parade. Good memories.


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