Blog 133 The week that wasn’t

Blog 133 The week that wasn’t

Stormy Weather!
Most know about the storms that lambasted Texas last week. So many were without power, water, and other necessities. We survived comfortably and have harvested a sense of guilt now that we know how bad it was. We had no internet, TV (no big loss there), land line, no newspaper, and not much news for six days. It was a revelation that ignorance is indeed bliss.

Because we live in very close proximity to two hospitals, we are on their power grid and had electricity all week, and hence warmth. Water pressure was low for a couple of hours one day, and we are still boiling water. We are so fortunate.

After record-breaking low temperatures last week, today was a warm 76 degrees. We are back to normal now. Though we may be in for a shock with the next utility bill.

Happiness is…We have all heard the jokes about us older folks with aches and pains, failing eyesight and health issues but rejoicing that we still have our driver’s license. Mine expires on my early March birthday. I have been dreading the requirement to appear in person for a vision test because I am having some eye issues which required glasses a year ago. Well, let me tell you! I not only passed the vision test, but WITHOUT GLASSES.

Now for the rest of the story: After a certain age, (not sure but maybe 85) the interval between renewals in Texas drops to four years. BUT, my new license is good for eight more years, expiring in 2029! I can drive without another check till I am 91! They may have to wrench my car keys away from my clenched fist on my cold dead body.

News from classmates…Thanks to those who recently responded to my request to touch base if no recent. Checking in were Jerry Cline, Jerry Stephens, Heinz Loth, Bill Carls, Sue Elo Settles, Genevieve Brooks, Nancy Driesslein Pierce, Marcia Dickinson Hudson, Delbert Phillips, Warner Fassnidge, Robert Huff, and Rudy Alvarez. Jerry Stephens has volunteered to set up a virtual meeting, so stay tuned for that. I will summarize greetings from the above over the next blog or two, starting with a note from Marlene Loth on behalf of Heinz:

Hello Jack,

Thank you as always for your interesting blog. I am writing for Heinz who is well and watching the birds feed from his easy chair by the window at the moment. We are looking down on a very snowy landscape and ice is covering our lake.

Here in Canada the vaccination program is slow and we have not yet been vaccinated. However, we live out in the country far from the maddening crowd and it is easy to get along, while just wearing masks and handwashing. We have a beautiful husky, Angie, who loves the snow and lies in the sunshine and snow in freezing temperatures. Life up here is good and we are not wanting for anything. I’m sending a couple of photos for your enjoyment. Two photos are of Heinz on his 85th Zoom birthday.

Thanks again for all your efforts. We will not be returning to Texas this year breaking our record of driving down to New Braunfels for 33 years in a row. The borders remain closed and our government prohibits travel.

Take care and stay safe,

Heinz and Marlene Loth


1 thought on “Blog 133 The week that wasn’t

  1. Bob kilpper

    I’m trying to contact an old friend, Heinz Loth. We met when he was in the Pulmonary division at Baylor Med in Houston, TX. He and Tanya moved to Toronto and my wife, Carolyn, moved to Rochester, NY. Please share this with Heinz and tell him I’d love to hear from him. My email is: Thanks for any help you can provide in making contact with him.
    Bob Kilpper


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