Blog 119 Flashback Part 3

Blog 119 Flashback Part 3

If you have been reading these notes prepared for our reunion in 1994, you will note that Sammy Granato’s name appears several times. Here is the third and final installment of the comments. My interjections are in red.


Sammie Granato tries to twirl a lasso rope in the third-floor hall.

Marilyn Monroe files for divorce from Joe Dimaggio.

Shirley Inselman sings “Purple Cow” to the Citizenship Assembly. Jackie Kindrick is elected the 1st Vice President of the state FBLA. Alex Trevino is elected president of the Boy Scouts House of Eagles. Alex is the second highest ranking in the state.

Rite-Way Barbecue has a special dinner for $1.25. The XXX Drive Inn announces it is “Open to serve you more in ’54.” Pullen’s is selling a sleeveless birdseye pique blouse for $2.98. (Where was Pullen’s? And what is a birdseye pique blouse? I suppose I would know that if I had taken Home Ec classes. By the way, I think Home Ec went the way of the buggy whip. At one point it was called domestic engineering.) And CocaCola is still 5¢.

The Lasso Backward Dance is announced for April 9th.

Billy Dozier wins the Math Club contest.

A computer expert announces that probably a dozen large computers will suffice to fill the computing needs of the entire world. What did he know?

“Cookies” is selling spring dresses for $4.97 to $8.97. Pullen’s one-piece swim suits are $13.95 and $15.95. Eagle Furniture has Lane Cedar Chests at $49.95, $59.95, and $79.95. Schiff s has loafers at $4.99, and girl’s soft mocs at $2.99.

Bobby Tate and Sarah Belcia are interviewed on KGBS-TV’s *Today’s Top Ten” program. The top songs are: “Wanted,” by Perry Como; “Cross Over the

Bridge,” by Patti Page; “Answer Me, Oh My Love;” “Make Love to Me,” by Jo Stafford; and “I Get So Lonely.” If you want to hear these and Purple Cow that Shirley sang, click on the links at the end of this installment.

Southwestern Bell has an advertisement offering senior girls training leading to jobs as telephone operators. I think we still had to talk to the operator to make a long distance call in the early fifties. They were probably trying to hire the home ec students to operate the telephones.

‘Ihe price on a color TV has just been reduced to $1,110.

Color TV will soon debut in San Antonio.

Gordon Richards becomes the first professional jockey to be knighted in England.

The Band wins the Buccaneer Cup in the Buccaneer Days Parade in Corpus Christi for excellence in marching and playing.

The Monticello is distributed on May 27th and 28th.

In a decision handed down on May 17, the Supreme Court ends school segregation.

Beginning next year, Jefferson will be a college prep school, exclusively for college-bound students. Every course taught will lead to college entrance. ‘Ihis year’s freshman class will continue to be the youngest in the school: It has been announced that next year, ninth graders will remain in the Junior High Schools. So the Class of 1954 will be the only one to spend four years at Jefferson with four classes enrolled. I did not know any of this.

421 members of Thomas Jefferson High School graduate at the Municipal Auditorium on June 2.


Note: the comments below were sent in by our classmate for the reunion. I have wondered whether to include or not and decided that people might enjoy reading them.


The following vas taken directly from the information form returned by classmates:

ALLEM, JOHNNIE — retired from CPS after 30 years. Presently employed by BHP ENGR. in Corpus Christi assisting process industry meet OSHA standards. Fun job in the sun. Sadly, Johnnie passed away in 2007.

ARNOLD, RONALD – is a professional rabble rouser for a non-profit organization. He has written several books and appeared in the news occasionally for raking trouble.

BAILEY, EDNA LOU – she retired after 35 years as administrative assistant and executive secretary, She has 6 children and 15 grandchildren with another grandchild on the way! I wonder how many grandchildren and great grandchildren there are twenty-six years later.

BLACK, MARILYNN – she had gone from S.A. to to Puerto Rico to New York to Laredo to Albuquerque to Abilene and is now retired on 13 acres in Bandera. Current activities include bowling, bridge, Republican Party, gardening, church work, crafts. She was in Utah bowling in the National Tournament during reunion time. Marilynn (aka Lynn) is still moving around. At one point she lived in Katy, outside Houston, and now lives in McKinney, outside Dallas.

BLAKE, ROBERT — could not make the reunion due to a new job. He sent hellos to all, especially George Pierce and Harry Wharton.

BLOUNT, RICHARD – is an army physician; daughter is a horse trainer in New Orleans; son studying for the Hangman’s Noose. Dick died in 2006.

BOYER, HAIRIBITA – could not make the reunion because her husband is recovering (thank God) from surgery for neck cancer.

BRADFORD, GAYLE – her husband of 2+ years passed away in 1981. In November, 1993, she remarried. Also in 1993 she had two more grandchildren bringing the total to seven.

BROWN PATRICIA – after living in Galveston where husband, Val, was in Medical School and Residency, they moved to Amarillo where they have lived happily ever after.

CLEMMONS, ELIZABETH – has two beautiful, intelligent granddaughters.

CONKLIN, DEANIE — she and her husband have retired. They’ve been traveling to Hawaii, Alaska, Europe, Japan and stateside. They sold their farm but are staying on Bainbridge Island.

COREI’H, JOE — daughter got married on June 11. He is a VP at a bank in Washington, DC and does a lot of traveling. Joe died in 2014.

CRESS, CHARLES — married a German girl in 1960. She died from cancer in 1975. Remarried and just celebrated his 15th anniversary. Retired after 30 years’ service with the Post Office. (NCOTE: Charlie sent word that Allan Jennings died suddenly from an aneurysm in 1975.) Charlie was living in Kansas the last time he was heard from. He is on the lost list now.


CROCKER, BILL – has saved copies of most, if not all, the issues of the Declaration that were printed through our senior year. (NOTE: he sent copies of the first page of each issue which we displayed at the reunion.) Lawyers never retire. Bill is still holding office in Austin.

CRAWFORD, DORTHY – is still in “Deep East Texas” Please do visit! No, she moved back to San Antonio a few years back.

DAVIS, BE’ITY – moved to Washington DC area; lives in old town Alexandria and walks to everything. Took up watercolor painting and has shown work in many group and juried shows. She has taken many international trips.

DAVIS, ED – embarked on a new career as management consultant serving as “Rent a President” for companies faced with restructuring for one reason or another. Since Myrna passed away in 1990, he has been living with two grown sons as housemates.

DAVIS, JACK – following medical school in Texas, went to Arkansas for residency spent 3 years in Alaska in the Air Force, then returned to Arkansas to teach internal medicine — cardiology. In 1971, joined a friend in private practice in Montana. This included 18 years of ranching, development and medical director of ALERT, the nation’s first hospital based rural helicopter system. Spent 5 years on the Board of Trustees of the American College of Cardiology and is now secretary of the Montana Medical Association and president of the American Socieyy, Internal Medicine in Montana. He enjoys (when?) computers, gardening, hiking, sailing and golf in the Flathead Valley.
Jack died this past February.

DICKINSON, MARCIA – still a Child Support Agent for the state of Oregon. Enjoys visiting daughter stationed in Hawaii! She missed the reunion because she was going back to England to take another class at Cambridge. This was her fourth trip. She loves it!

DOBBINS, IOUISE – two sons, one granddaughter. She works at City Public Service as a Supervisor in Public Safety.

EDGERTON, CAROLYN — by the next reunion, she plans to be firmly planted in the Hill Country where three of their four sons now live.

ELO, SUE — has four grandchildren. Took her mother to Greece last summer to visit the village where her mother’s father was born. Sue is VP of the National Histology Society.

FASSNIDGE, WARNER — will remarry later this year. Just bought a house that will make him an “09-er” He has been a licensed attorney at law since 1962. He has been with the City Attorney’s Office nearly 10 years.

FILLMORE, JERRE – has two grandchildren. Oldest daughter is practicing medicine in Washington. Jerre is still with the IRS but will retire in four years. If you are in Austin, call or drop by. Jerry passed away in 2006.

FINCH, BILL — returned to Teas after living in New York for 25 years. Living in Teas is a good thing to do.

FRAZIER, PEGGY – both daughters have given them two grandchildren each; ages from 8 months to 6 years.

GARZA, SONIA – she and her husband introduced the first Mexican restaurant in Puerto Rico. It grew to 3 locations and one beautiful place in St. Thomas with a breath—taking view of the harbour. They sold all in April and will now enjoy traveling. Her husband has undergone open heart surgery twice and had four heart attacks. They will keep their home in St. Thomas and Puerto Rico for vacations. (NOTE: Carlos attended the reunion. He looks great!)


Now, for the links to the songs.


Picture Shirley singing “Purple Cow”, but listen to Doris Day.


:”Wanted,” by Perry Como


“Cross Over the Bridge,” by Patti Page


“Answer Me, Oh My Love;” Nat King Cole


“Make Love to Me,” by Jo Stafford


“I Get So Lonely.” (Oh Baby Mine) Statler Brothers


I am not sure about this one. “I Get So Lonely” is sung by Janet Jackson, which was long after our era. “Oh Baby Mine” is the one I remember, but it was a hit in 1983. If anyone remembers, sign out—not literally, but send a comment.


Okay, that wraps up the reflections. Take care and be safe.




3 thoughts on “Blog 119 Flashback Part 3

  1. Jeanine

    Pullen’s was at 1012 DONALDSON, Phone P 2-8938. Birdseye (?) pique is the type of material.
    I love your Blogs, brings back so many good memories. Thank you.

  2. Jeanine

    After thinking about it, I think that was the brand of the blouse. Penny may know about the material and can show you or at least explain it. I did find an address on Blanco Rooad but think it must have been one of the last ones. The one on Donaldson was advertised in the 1953 annual.


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