Blog 108A What went wrong?

Blog 108A What went wrong?

This did not print with Blog 108. Don’t know what caused the glitch, ’cause it was in the draft format.

Note: It is usually a surprise to see how the formatting ends up when these communiques are published, because they rarely appear as formatted by me.

As we all hunker down at home during this scourge sweeping around the world, the song from our youth came to mind. Does anyone remember Time on My Hands? The title is appropriate for many, though not the words. I only recall “time on my hands and you in my arms.”

I, for one, do not find time hanging heavy on my hands, as we moved to an “age appropriatecommunity recently—not an old people’s place, but people of similar ages and mobility.

Here is a song which I urge you to listen to, by Willie Nelson. It’s Nothing I Can Do About It Now. Willie sings about his transgressions through life and laments (perhaps) that there is nothing he can do about it now. If you do go to this site, scroll down and read a few of the comments by other listeners. The words have been inspirational to some. One comments “This song makes me think about the idea of “forgive yourself”.


2 thoughts on “Blog 108A What went wrong?

  1. Charles (Chuck) Slagle

    Thanks, Jack, for reminding me about this song. Just like many others, perhaps most others, this is a perfect anthem for my life. It serves all of us well to understand we are not the only one to have these thoughts and to remind us of self-forgiveness. On another note, I was saddened to hear about Jack Davis. I was privileged to be in the core with him at Jeff and to have the opportunity to reacquaint with him in Kalispell while working with his medical community. I can strongly witness to what he meant to that community and the respect he had gained from si many people there. He will be missed.


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