Blog 104: More Trivia and Other Stuff

Blog 104: More Trivia and Other Stuff

True Confession:
I wrote this around New Year’s and forgot to post it. As always, I will be interesting to see how the formatting has changed when it is published.

Not Trivia:
Patsy and Tom Patterson
have moved from Houston to Tulsa to be surrounded by children and grandchildren. Moving that far at an advanced age sounds daunting. Patsy has been one of our most faithful classmates, never missing a reunion. For the past five years, Patsy and Tom have
trekked over from Houston for the semi-annual Jeff lunch. At the lunches and reunions, Patsy was always seen wandering the group with camera in hand. Many of her photos have appeared in this blog. Memo to Patsy: look up Munson Fuller, also in Tulsa. Munson is one of those we rarely (never) hear from, so send us a report.

Laugh or Cry?
Today I purchased a replacement light bulb for our bedroom. When I got home, I was examining the box and noticed that it will last for 22 years…longer than I will.

Here we look at our standing class committees. Who knew? And what did some of them do? If you all have any thoughts, sing out.


Susan Crawford, Chairman

Lon Carpenter    Jane McRoberts    Pete Sweet

Peggy Frazier    Patricia Padgett    Ben Williams

Courtesy: Really? I bet those serving do not have a clue.

Sarah Belcia, Chairman

Dick Brusenhan        Patty Ramby


Billy Crocker, Chairman

Carol Corn        Mike Esparza    Heinz Loth

Jack Davis        Ann Hinnant    Dot Putnam

Membership Card:

Patricia Trimble, Chairman

Harvey Clouser    Betty Davis        Pat Fry    Dorothy Crawford

Senior Picture Show: Now we know whom to blame! It was With A Song In My Heart, the Jane Froman story. I think it was supposed to inspire us, but for most, it was an opportunity to take the afternoon off.

Alex Trevino, Chairman

Carolyn Edgerton        Paul Medley

Senior Gift

Douglas Campbell, Chairman

Jane Cooney    Joel Hoechstetter

Ann Hundley    Richard Kaufman

We polled our class a few years back about what our class gift was. Two responses were from David Mills and Ben Williams. David thought it was a curtain for the stage and Ben thought we bought a refurbished grand piano. I vote with the former.

Next time I will include the contents of the class program, complete with songs, poems, dance, and a mime and skit. We did have a lot of talent. Some of it did not emerge until this program.

2 thoughts on “Blog 104: More Trivia and Other Stuff

  1. Patsy Patterson

    I’ll see what if anything I can find out about Munson Fuller.  I really didn’t know him at Jeff.  We are back in the groove up here, going to the same church and Sunday School Class as 30 years ago.  The difference is Tom is one of only about 5 men in the class with lots of widow ladies.  We’ve already had 5 funerals since Christmas.  Our new preacher will be coming in a couple of weeks and he is suppose to bring in younger folk   we can only hope.  keep the blogs coming, I miss you all.  PP


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