Blog 102 Trivialities

Blog 102 Trivialities

It’s time to lighten up after a stream of obituaries as we continue to lose classmates. But as well as deaths, we have other losses as well, just not the six-feet under kind. Each time a class blast email goes out, one or two names bounce back each time, indicating that the email address is no longer valid. Several reasons come to mind—mainly, a move to be closer to children and grandchildren, a move to a retirement center, a change of email providers, or, sadly, their demise. Some of our class have been very faithful in reporting changes, others, not at all. In the not too distant future, I will send out a list of those falling through the cracks, in case their whereabouts are known. It also occurs to me that some have just reached the point of not caring about our class after 65+ years. That is understandable as we all continue to unload excess baggage, physical and mental.

Trivia for fun:

I bet almost no one remembers who our class officers and committees were. I certainly did not, but I was unloading excess stuff and came across papers that had accumulated here over time—papers that classmates have sent to me over time and were stuffed away into a folder. So, here goes:

Our Officers:
Probably everyone remembers that Tommy French was our class president. Beyond that, probably only the officeholder remembers who he or she was.

President: Thomas Booth French

Vice President: Sarah Jane Belcia

Treasurer: Jack Layton Davis

Recording Secretary: Dorothy Jane Crawford

Corresponding Secretary: Patricia Ann Trimble

Historian: John Gilbert Jones

Parliamentarian: Shirley Inselman

Chaplain: Paul Medley, Jr.

Reporter: Sammie Lee Kindrick

Sergeant-at-arms: Harvey H. Clouser

Sergeant-at-arms: William Griffin Hundley

Class Sponsor: Mrs. Bess McIntyre

Were there any surprises there? I listed the middle names as found in the graduation program. Why did our class need two Sergeants-at-Arms?

This is enough for today. In the next few days, I will send along who was on our standing committees, how we celebrated Class Day and the Senior Movie.

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