Blog 84 BRICKS


All orders for bricks placed by September of last year were put in place in December. Below are photos of those laid to date. If you ordered and do not see your brick, please let me know. The bricks are laid in no particular order…they ignored my suggestion to place bricks together by class, even though I offered to sort the bricks for them. Actually, that is not especially practical, as any number of siblings from several different class years ordered on brick for all of them.

 IMG_5469  IMG_5899IMG_5900IMG_5901IMG_5902IMG_5903IMG_5904IMG_5909IMG_5910IMG_5911IMG_5919IMG_5913IMG_5914IMG_5917IMG_5359IMG_5343IMG_5344IMG_5347IMG_5350IMG_5352IMG_5353IMG_5355IMG_5356IMG_5357IMG_5358IMG_5360IMG_5454IMG_5456IMG_5457IMG_5459IMG_5460IMG_5461IMG_5462IMG_5463IMG_5464IMG_5465IMG_5466IMG_5468IMG_5470IMG_5471IMG_5472IMG_5475

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