Birthdays, Cars, and Air Conditioning

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An aside:  When I post these blogs, I never know what changes will occur in format and in when it is published.  For example, the black bar across the top under the air conditioning banner appeared on its own and I have not determined how to delete it.  So you enjoy while I remain perplexed.

Who Did What…more

Our class had a lot of health care professionals. Here are the ones we know about for sure:


Dick Brusenhan        C.E. Chapman        Barney Cline        Jack Davis

Robert Huff         Joel Glicksman        Louis Holst        Billy Peche

 Bob Tate        Guy Bragg         Joy Robertson        Carlos Rocha

Dick Blount        David Pitkethly


Larry Byrd        Munson Fuller        Darrell Hawkins


Charles Griffin        Margare Riebe        Larry Byrd


Peggy Page        Carolyn Pope        Jane Rupe        Joy Weir

Lora Fay Foster     Ruth Jaurequi        Claudia Neuerberg

Medical Technology:

Stella Muniz    Jeanine Kliefoth


Ed Piggott

What life was like in San Antonio, before air conditioning?

The Alamo City has been at the forefront on air conditioning innovation since the early 1900s

  • Not surprisingly to anyone who has lived through a San Antonio summer, the Alamo City has a number of historic firsts when it comes to innovations in air conditioning:

    The St. Anthony Hotel at 300 E. Travis St., which opened in 1909, was the first hotel in the world with fully functioning air conditioning, according to its website.

    Photo: Jennifer Whitney, Express-News

    The St. Anthony Hotel at 300 E. Travis St.

    The nearby Milam Building, at 115 E. Travis St., was the first air-conditioned high-rise office building in the U.S. when it was built in 1928.

    Photo: JERRY LARA

    The Milam Building at 115 E. Travis St.

    When the Majestic Theatre opened the next year in 1929, it was the first theater in Texas to have air conditioning. In fact, it was San Antonio’s first air-conditioned place that was open to the public, according to its registration form for the National Register of Historic Places.

    Photo: UTSA Special Collections

    The Majestic Theater is shown in 1954.

    In 1936, department store Joske’s became the first fully air-conditioned store in Texas. It was such a big deal that they featured it in advertisements.

    Photo: Express-News

    In 1936, department store Joske’s became the first fully air-conditioned store in Texas. Photo circa 1970.

    Happy Birthday and New Cars—Idle thoughts

    Happy Birthday to Julia Sawalha, Eric Stonenstreet, Zoe Kazan, and Constance Marie. Who are they? They are actors. But who cares? Not I. A while back I started glancing at the daily listing of birthdays of noted people. And it caused me recall days of youth; I could not understand why my parents did not have a clue about who were the current stars of movies and music. Nor could they recognize all the changes in the newest model cars. My friends and I could note any make, model, and year of any car. My parents just did not care. Now I understand! It is not important. All cars are computer designed and look vaguely alike. Were it not for the logo emblems, I probably could not recognize a Hyundai from a Nissan from an Infiniti or from a Mercedes. I still know a Cadillac when I see one, and a Porsche. But in fact, I really don’t care much who is on the Silver Screen or what featureless car is driving by. There are exceptions, of course. Driving down the freeway the other day, I saw the logo and wondered, because if looked like the Lamborghini emblem, so I pulled closer alongside, and, to my surprise, yes! It was! But it was a mundane looking four-door sedan, looking otherwise like all the other cars.

    By the way…who or what did you girls identify with as the latest and greatest? Probably who was in all the movie magazines, right?

2 thoughts on “Birthdays, Cars, and Air Conditioning

  1. Beverly Hime

    Jack, thank you for persevering with this interesting information you publish in the blog. Please keep it up. I would, however, like to point out an omission in this post. Health Care Professionals also includes mental health care professionals. I wonder how many in our class pursued mental health careers, as I did: Licensed Professional Counselor (currently self-employed) and Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (retired).

    Beverly Hime

  2. jeffclassof54 Post author

    You are right, Beverly. Sadly, we never thought of doing a census of occupations back in the day. what we have now is a helter-skelter drawing from somewhat limited sources. Some of the list comes from the class history book and some comes from notes people sent in for past reunions on what they were doing. A lot of that came from notes from Kay Gregory and more from Charlie Griffin’s tabulation. I do wish we had more and more accuracy. Another aspect is that many in our class had two and three careers along the way. And some are still working, as you know.


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