Blog 49 April 22, 2015

It is Fiesta week in San Antonio, tho’ “week” is a misnomer. Back in our day Fiesta kicked off on a Monday afternoon at 5PM with a pilgrimage at the Alamo. I saw it a few times and recall a simple ceremony. This year, it started Thursday of last week and ends Saturday evening of this week and offers opportunity to eat and drink all over town.

Monday night, Penny and I went down to the San Antonio Cavaliers’ River Parade for the first time in about twenty-five years. As a child, it was magical. To a seventy-something adult, it was not much. What I remember as exciting floats are now little more than barges with various people standing on them and very loud, not necessarily good musicians playing music we will probably never hear again. That sounds negative, but the thrill was gone. On the other hand, we were with a congenial group, and it is still so easy to drive down town, park, and walk to the river.

Over the next few blogs, I am going to post a few photos that people sent for inclusion in the history. Many of them I had to crop and cut out others in the photo, but this is a good place to include them. Here goes:


These smiling people are Jane Rupe (Love), Gerry (Guly) and Wayne Gabehart, Rucy Krisch, Ann Johnston (MacEwan), and Jean Tate (Pearce).

clip_image004     clip_image006

Tommy and Patsy Hatch Patterson          Jack Davis


Bob and Roselyn Mahaffey Cheline

1 thought on “Blog 49 April 22, 2015

  1. Janet Butler

    I know this may not even be read at this late date but I feel compelled to write in my sister’s stead. She is determined not to attend any of her class reunions for various reasons, mostly vanity. “She” is Virginia Joyce and I am her younger sister, Janet. She worries over the fact that she and her first husband split up after a number of years. She worries about the toll age has taken on her. I think she pictures all of her old classmates having had beautiful lives whereas hers had some big bumps in the road. I guess what I’m asking is, don’t give up on her. I even offered to join her for the 2016 get-together (I would love it because I remember being so impressed by all of you as I was getting ready to enter Jefferson in the first Freshman class!). If anyone reads this, they can contact me at my email: and I will pass on to Virginia any info I get. We now actually live in the same retirement park together so she’s not hard to reach! Thanks so much …


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