Blog 38 November 24, 2014

Time flies when you are having fun, doesn’t it. So I must be having a hilarious time—I just have not realized it. Has been a month since I last posted. Best intentions and all that. When a thought comes to mind, I usually jot it down to write about. I have a bunch of comments to send along, but I cannot find my paper with the notes. Does anyone remember Sophie Tucker on the early days of television? She billed herself as “The Last of the Redhot Mammas” and was a definite plus size. I recall one skit on a TV show. She sang a memorable ditty: “I Brought My Harp to the Party, But No One Asked Me to Play.” That is sort of how I feel not finding my notes, but in this case, I can’t play my notes.

From memory, then, a few odds and ends.

Marcia Pittman/Rock Mogas: Marcia and Rock hooked up at our last reunion. I heard from Marcia the other day that they began dating and have just become engaged. No date for the nuptials has been set, but both are very happy. Congrats and felicitations to Marcia and Rock.

Laura Moore Brusenhan and Groucho Marx and Gonzales Gonzales: Laura sent the website url for an enormously funny clip from a time many years ago when Gonzales Gonzales from San Antonio appeared on Groucho’s TV show with the opportunity to say the secret word and win $100 (wow!). This was the appearance that launched GG’ movie career. Here is the website:


Advance scoop! I asked recently if anyone remembers the Class of ’54 gift to the school. I had two responses that were totally different, and I intend to post the replies to the class to see if either sounds right. Ron Bridges wrote “Our 1954 gift to the glass was a gold curtain for the auditorium. Check this out but I remember the moment when it was announced.” Ben Williams wrote: “My memory of our class gift was a piano for the auditorium. It was a full 8′ grand piano, not new, but we had it reconditioned and it looked and sounded great. One of our students, name forgotten, convinced Miss Mattie Sharp Brewer that his senior class research project should be a piano concerto, rather than a paper written in English. He played it for the class and for all the music related faculty members. Ms Brewer wanted to try and verify it was all original. All of the faculty members thought it was fantastic.”

Jack Davis, sir! You made the presentation. Does either sound familiar? My gut feel is that we probably had funds for a curtain. Giving a reconditioned piano would certainly score high marks for originality. I doubt either is still in use after sixty years. And what about the original piano composition? Only David Mills might have pulled that off. We need to ask David.

I have not checked lately to see how many have been reading the blogs. I do get nice comments periodically, though great lapses probably has damaged the circulation.

It is Thanksgiving week. I send along best wishes to all of you and hope you have a memorable holiday. Penny and I are leaving in the morning for a few days at South Padre. I am a bit ashamed to admit that having lived almost three quarters of my life in Texas, I have never been to the valley.

Take care for now. I will return with more pictures and maybe my lost notes.

5 thoughts on “Blog 38 November 24, 2014


    Loved seeing Pedro Gonzales Gonzales again in that clip. Remember the one with Mel Brooks. Those guys were really funny. Nice to hear about Marcia and Rock. We wish them happiness. Have a nice time in the Valley. We will be there on an Elderhostel Birding trip in February. Thanks for all you do for us Jack, I love these blogs. PP

  2. Jay Weidenfeld

    Never been to the valley? OMG! Remind me to tell about my summer in the valley – about age 15 – selling knee pads for cotton pickers. No, I’m not making this stuff up. I couldn’t.

    Is cotton still grown in the valley?

    Best to all for the holiday, JW

  3. jeanine

    Yes, lots of cotton is still grown in the valley, but we now have mechanical pickers. Jack, you have to come through Harlingen so stop by if you get lost or get thirsty. Have a great time and Happy Thanksgiving to Penny and you. I will request good weather for you. Jeanine

  4. Jack Davis

    Howdy Jack and All.I still have not recalled what our ’54 Class gift was, nor do I have any recall of doing the presentation.Apparently,since short term recall is still OK,maybe this is a good sign,or just a sign that the evening before the ceremony was one hell of a celebration? Cheers for a Happy Thanksgiving,Jack Davis


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