Blog 27 July 28, 2014

Hope springs eternal! After sending out the last email blast urging more classmates to send in their histories to add to the 84 already received, we are up to 90. Elliot Bilhartz reminded me that I already have his and then Connie Mayes, Evelyn Gillis, Dixie Burd, and Mary Helen and Sam Bell came through. Jeanine Price has volunteered to call some of our classmates who do not receive email to coerce them. So far, none of these 65 classmates have responded. But then, they have only had one request in a mail out prior to the reunion. If anyone wants to make some calls, let me know.

Reunion photos: All of our class photographers have forwarded their pictures to me. There is a daunting total of 952 of them! I have to admit that volume has slowed me down in doing a slide show, but I am beginning to work up a frenzy to get started on that aspect.

The obituaries and our lost list: Many thanks go to Kathy Lentz Miller for doing some sleuthing around the internet to include the data in our directory. As suspected, some on the lost list have died along the way. The investigative effort is continuing.

Photos: In sorting through some of those 900+ photos, I find some interior shots of the Aztec, Empire, and Majestic theaters. The Aztec has a varied history. After the birth of the mulit-plex screens, the old downtown theaters fell into limbo. The Aztec was at one point sliced up into three theaters and showed X-rated movies for a while and then closed. Along the line the San Antonio Conservation Society purchased the building in order to save it for the wrecking ball, but it sat empty followed by several abortive efforts to reopen. Most recently, the theater opened once again and potentially has some life ahead of it booking travelling shows. Here today are several photos from the interior, thanks to Ben Williams and Patsy Hatch.

clip_image002 clip_image004clip_image006


In finishing up today: Here is a quote I read in the newspaper by Mike Sherman, the former Aggie coach, talking a bit about our society today. “When you think about fathers abandoning their families and husbands and wives getting divorced—it’s a lot easier to do that than to fix things, and honor commitments, and get things right. We live in a society today that is motivated by anonymous people who write faceless texts and twitters, and it gets things stirred up. There’s no accountability to that type of society, and there’s an immediacy that they request. It’s very important when people make decisions, they make them based on facts and analysis and insight. What’s real, not what’s false. Sometimes that gets skewed up a little bit.”

What do you all think? We have lived through a lot of changes in our decades—maybe not as dramatic as the advances in our parents lives, but maybe just as numerous with all our communications technology. Society does seem to be going to hell in a handbasket, but I sort of recall my grandmother saying the same thing decades ago.

 clip_image008                            clip_image010

See you next time.


4 thoughts on “Blog 27 July 28, 2014

    1. jeffclassof54 Post author

      Thanks, Chuck. People always say, “let me know how I can help” but rarely respond a call goes out. I appreciate and will get some names out within the week.

  1. Jeanine Kliefoth Price

    I keep hearing about the Aztec, Majestic and Empire. Does anyone remember the Texas Theater that was also downtown?


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