Blog 8 February 26, 2014

Time gets away. I had not intended to take  a week between posting. But a lot of reunion details have popped up, including a trip to the hotel to check out the hospitality room, a trip to the ballroom, and a visit with the caterers. Going along downtown were Dorothy Crawford (her nickname is TAS by the way), Esther Nelson, Susie Terrell, Kay Gregory, and Louise Rawlins. Now getting the registration form and schedule events ready for the printer is taking priority.

Today, I want to finish with the lost list, add something about the renovation of Alamo Stadium, and dredge up a memory or two.

Alamo Stadium: It was finished in 1940—so it was still pretty new when we went to the games! And it has not been updated in seventy-plus years until a $35 million renovation began last year. Seating 23,000, it is the largest high school stadium in Texas, though the new configuration will reduce it to 19,000 and also add use as a soccer playing field. Here are a couple of websites if you want to see photos and read more details: (you may have to cut and paste to reach the webpage.) (this is someone else’s blog)

To learn more, just Google “Alamo Stadium renovations”.

Last of the Lost list:

Faith Caplan                                 Shirley Highsmith

Irene Carver                                 Robert Hurst

Judy Cox                                       Mary Lou Ibarra

Patricia Crossler                          Ann Keller

Billie Ann Cuidon                        Emma Ramos

Bertha Dominguez                     Doris Roland

Rosie Esperanza                         Betty Jean Smith

Yvonne Foster                            Gloria Torres

Carol Gober                                Kay Van Gorder

Memories: In 1954, Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile. No one thought it possible! Betty Furness was advertising on Westinghouse Studio One TV. Marlon Brando and Grand Kelly won Oscars for “On the Waterfron” and “Country Girl.”

And at Jefferson: The senior play was “Stage Door;” At graduation we had a class movie at the Olmos Theater. It was “With a Song in My Heart,” the Jane Froman story starring Susan Hayward. I think it was supposed to inspire us to go do great things, but I think it actually inspired an afternoon off, with most of the guys skipping it.

Does anyone remember the Class Day program and does anyone remember who performed. I seem to recall that that Florence Boston and Bill Benton sang a duet. Florence went to New York seeking fame and fortune. She is still there and known as Meredith Kelly.

What do you all remember?

1 thought on “Blog 8 February 26, 2014

  1. Michael (Mike) Gill

    Many thanks for your great walk down “Memory Lane” – you must have a library chanllenging Jeffersoon HS! I most appreciate the items I have no memory of or no notes in my Annual!.
    Danke Schoen!!
    Mike Gill, Heidelberg, Germany


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